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Our vision is of a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy. 

  • Butterflies are beautiful and intrinsically valuable.
  • More than three quarters of our native butterflies are in decline.
  • Butterfly Conservation is the only charity working solely to protect them.
  • Protecting butterflies means creating a healthier environment for everyone.

Butterfly Conservation works with companies who share our vision to save butterflies, moths and our environment.  Working with us you could achieve your business objectives and provide other benefits for your company and staff. 

Whoever you are, there are a number of ways you can benefit by supporting our environmental work.

Cause-related partners 

Most consumers agree they would be more likely to buy a product or service associated with a cause that is important to them.

Associating your brand with Butterfly Conservation, the largest charity of its type in the world, could be extremely beneficial for your business and stakeholders. We work with companies who can help us raise awareness of the plight of butterflies and support different aspects of our work.  

Cause Related Marketing is a very effective way of raising funds for Butterfly Conservation whilst maximising your brand affinity and building equity, boosting sales as well as generating new business by reaching the ever expanding market of environmentally aware customers.  

NFU Mutual Case Study

NFUlogoNFU’s ten year relationship with Butterfly Conservation demonstrates the strength and success of a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. With strong roots in the local community and a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, NFU Mutual was a keen partner.  


“With this in mind it was important to look for a partner who was willing to be part of a long-term commitment that benefited both parties. Butterfly Conservation members share a natural affinity with NFU Mutual members, in terms of lifestyle, values and hobbies and were therefore a natural fit.”  Susan Barley, NFU Mutual Affinity Marketing Manager.

To encourage Butterfly Conservation members to consider NFU Mutual as an insurance provider a £10 per policy donation for every new policy a member takes out was introduced.  In conjunction, NFU Mutual sponsored various marketing and event opportunities that would reach and resonate with members. More recently NFU Mutual has sponsored market research to strengthen the relationship and enhance future opportunities.

“Butterfly Conservation is one of our most successful affinity groups. We have a strong partnership, demonstrated by the longevity of the relationship and the fact NFU Mutual continues to receive a steady amount of new business from Butterfly Conservation members generating significant premium income.  Working with Butterfly Conservation has also captured the imagination of staff and their families and helped give them a better understanding of the importance of conserving our butterflies”. Gina Fusco, Head of Strategy and Marketing.


Corporate Partnerships

Butterfly Conservation encourages the development of sustainable lifestyles and promotes the benefits of protecting our environment, for both people and wildlife.

Butterfly Conservation encourages the development of sustainable lifestyles and promotes the benefits of protecting our environment, for both people and wildlife.

Sustainability is also vital in our relationships with companies.  We aim to form long term, strategic partnerships with businesses committed to making a real contribution to the work we do. We offer ways to engage with our brand and support our conservation work. At the same time this offers opportunities for you to connect with your customers and employees, and achieve your business goals.

Marks and Spencer Case Study

M&SOver the last 3 years Butterfly Conservation and M&S have been working on a campaign targeting customers, farmers and employees to help raise awareness about the importance of butterflies and moths.  This partnership is part of M&S’s eco-plan, Plan A, commitment to encourage sustainable agriculture and help protect the environment.

The partnership has enabled M&S to launch a scheme for all its farmers to be given advice on how to nurture butterflies on their farms and encourage their employees and the public to take part in the annual ‘Big Butterfly Count’, a campaign running the UK’s largest Butterfly Count. The Count is promoted by BC President Sir David Attenborough and achieves widespread media coverage with tens of thousands of people taking part each year.  A range of butterfly products have been sold each year with a proportion of the profits donated to Butterfly Conservation.

At M&S we really want to make a positive contribution to the environment and by helping to get as many people involved in the Butterfly Count we can get a better understanding of biodiversity and how we can all play our part to protect it. Our partnership with Butterfly Conservation is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness with both our farmers and our customers about the importance of butterflies. Richard Gillies, M&S Director of Plan A.

Become a member and take a positive step for the environment

We have grown to become the largest insect conservation organisation in the world, with an ever growing membership.  By becoming a corporate member you can add real value to the work of the charity and secure tangible benefits for your company and staff.

Your Butterfly Conservation membership will clearly show your commitment to the environment. Your support will directly go towards conservation projects around the UK to provide safe havens for butterflies and moths whilst improving the environment for the benefit of both people and nature.

Becoming a corporate member can boost staff morale and leverage your company in the eyes of your customers, suppliers and the communities in which you operate. Creating good impressions will help you to succeed in building your business.

Naturetrek Case Study

NTlogoNaturetrek has been a long-standing, top-category, corporate member. It is an example of how the relationship has grown and developed over the years to the point today where the company has become one of Butterfly Conservation's most valuable corporate supporters. In addition to being a corporate member, Naturetrek donates 10% from their butterfly tours to Butterfly Conservation. 

"As a wildlife tour operator running world-wide butterfly tours, it was fitting that as a company we support Butterfly Conservation. In 2002, with the endorsement of our staff who are all passionate about wildlife and conservation, we at Naturetrek decided we wanted to do more to help prevent the loss of these beautiful creatures which are sadly in decline". David Mills, Managing Director.

 Naturetrek felt it was also important to educate and engage their customers about Butterfly Conservation’s work. Not only do they purchase a one year membership subscription to all non-members joining the tours, they also distribute information leaflets with their tour programmes and promote the partnership through other channels. 

"We wanted our customers to become as committed to Butterfly Conservation as we were. We felt our contribution in signing up new members would not only be a valuable endorsement but we hope would encourage long term future support for the charity". Marryanne Mills, Co-Director .

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Thank you to all the organisations already helping us to save butterflies, moths and the environment.