Kent Branch First Sightings

Kent Branch - Butterfly First Sightings 2016 Season

Last updated on 12th July 2016

Please email any sightings to Mike Easterbrook - Kent Branch Butterfly Recorder or use our online recording system.

When making your report please try to include a map reference and also the number of specimens seen.

The first sightings dates are generated from records we receive online, by email or on our Facebook & Twitter pages.

 If you have seen a certain species, early this year than listed below, please let us know by email.

Kent Species
Species Name Latin Name First Sighting  Location
 Dingy Skipper  Erynnis tages 28th April Samphire Hoe 
 Grizzled Skipper  Pyrgus malvae 13th April Dungeness
 Essex Skipper  Thymelicus lineola 28th June Kingsdown 
 Small Skipper  Thymelicus sylvestris 24th June Lullingstone Country Park
 Silver-spotted Skipper  Hesperia comma  -  - 
 Large Skipper  Ochlodes sylvanus 27th May Samphire Hoe
 Orange-tip  Anthocharis cardamines 14th April Sandwich
 Large White  Pieris brassicae 20th April Folkestone
 Small White  Pieris rapae 23rd March Sandwich
 Green-veined White  Pieris napi 19th April Kemsley
 Clouded Yellow  Colias croceus 28th April Samphire Hoe
 Brimstone  Gonepteryx rhamni 22nd March Birling
 Wall Brown  Lasiommata megera 1st May Folkestone
 Speckled Wood  Pararge aegeria 6th March Bexley
 Small Heath  Coenonympha pamphilus 4th May Dover
 Ringlet  Aphantopus hyperantus 21st June Whitstable
 Meadow Brown  Maniola jurtina 10th June Gillingham & Sandwich
 Gatekeeper  Pyronia tithonus - -
 Marbled White  Melanargia galathea 12th June Dover
 Grayling  Hipparchia semele  -  -
 Silver-washed Fritillary  Argynnis paphia 5th July Tonbridge
 Dark Green Fritillary  Argynnis aglaja 24th June Lullingstone Country Park
 White Admiral  Limenitis camilla 1st July Tonbridge
 Purple Emperor  Apatura iris 5th July Tonbridge
 Red Admiral  Vanessa atalanta 31st March Herne
 Painted Lady  Vanessa cardui 29th May Coney Banks
 Peacock  Aglais io 3rd March Kemsley
 Small Tortoiseshell  Aglais urticae 16th February Maidstone
 Comma  Polygonia c-album 11th February Maidstone
 Heath Fritiallary  Melitaea athalia  16th June East Blean Woods
 Duke of Burgundy  Hamearis lucina 30th April Denge Woods
 Small Copper  Lycaena phlaeas 14th April Dungeness
 Brown Hairstreak Thecla betulae  -  -
 Purple Hairstreak  Favonius quercus 5th July Tonbridge
 Green Hairstreak  Callophrys rubi 21st April Queendown Warren
 White-letter Hairstreak  Satyrium w-album 26th June Dartford
 Small Blue  Cupido minimus 5th May Dover
 Holly Blue  Celastrina argiolus 12th April Maidstone
 Brown Argus  Aricia agestis 12th May Darland Banks
 Common Blue  Polyommatus icarus 1st May Lewisham Park
 Adonis Blue  Polyommatus bellargus 17th May Samphire Hoe
 Chalkhill Blue  Polyommatus coridon  -  -