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Gardening with butterflies and moths in mind is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your own backyard. By simply growing a few choice plants and providing butterflies and moths with a garden refuge, you can make a huge difference. Don't feel daunted, read on for our dos and don'ts, tips and tricks. This is the page you need for all the basics. 

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Garden For Butterflies

Butterflies will visit any garden, however small, if they can feed from nectar plants. A well thought out garden can attract more than 20 species of butterfly. If you manage your patch to create a breeding habitat, you may see even more. We have downloadable resources to help you create a butterfly haven. 


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Garden For Moths

Moths are valuable pollinators that need our help. They play an important role in the garden ecosystem, so it’s vital that we make homes for them. Like butterflies, many moths drink nectar, but they also need plants on which to lay their eggs. Download our top nectar and food plants for moths and welcome them into your garden. 

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Pots For Pollinators

Help butterflies, moths and other pollinators by adding a container of nectar plants to your doorstep, balcony or back garden this summer. A great project for all the family to get involved in. 

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Gardening Projects

Large or small, sunny or shady - there are plenty of projects you can do in your garden to attract wildlife. We have planting plans that butterflies and moths will love, container projects, urban gardening tips and even ideas to involve the whole family. Dig out your gardening gloves and get planting. 

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Monthly Gardening Blogs

There is always work to be done in the garden, and our Secret Gardener is here to help. Whether you want to plant bulbs to attract butterflies in spring, grow foodplants for moths, or provide nectar sources in winter - we have the answers. 

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Join us today and make sure you never miss out on our gardening tips, news and events. We have teamed up with wildlife writer Kate Bradbury to produce Gardening for Butterflies and Moths, an exclusive booklet for our members. Kate offers practical gardening tips alongside inspirational planting plans and advice on how to cater for certain species. 

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We offer books and equipment in our shop to help you turn your garden into a mini nature reserve. If you are looking for a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else you can find it here and help support butterflies and moths at the same time. All of the profits from our online shop go to Butterfly Conservation to fund the important work we do saving butterflies, moths and our environment.

Here are some species you could find in your garden: