The Secret Gardener

Yellow Iris

Dig It – June Tips From The Secret Gardener

Many wildflowers grow well in the boggy areas surrounding the pond or on the slopes at its edge. The Secret Gardener shares some of the best species to transform your water feature into a magnet for moths and butterflies.


Dig it - Wildlife Gardening Resolutions for 2014

New Year means dreaded New Year resolutions. But don’t despair, why not make some very simple gardening resolutions that will provide a home for wildlife and give you hours of fun?

Peacock Butterfly

Dig It : Sit In The Sun

August is the month for sitting back in the garden and enjoying the bright colours as the bees and butterflies explore the nectar-rich flower borders.


Dig It - May tips from the Secret Gardener

Nettles are important foodplants for the caterpillars of several butterflies and moths. They have also been grown in herb gardens for centuries and can provide many benefits for people too.