Species to look out for


Marsh Fritillary

Butterfly Conservation has a team of four staff in Wales.

Our two Branches, North Wales and South Wales, are run entirely by volunteers who contribute countless hours to recording and conserving endangered butterflies and moths.

Please explore the links on this page to find out about our work to conserve butterflies and moths across the country.


A Wrexham Gem

The patchwork of vacant plots and flower-rich grassland at the Industrial Estate is a refuge for Grizzled Skipper and many other species. Butterfly Conservation and partners are working on a strategy for wildlife to thrive alongside businesses, including a new prison......

Rare Butterfly Thriving In The “Garden Of Wales”

One of Wales’ rarest butterflies is making a comeback in Carmarthenshire. Butterfly Conservation Wales has reported a dramatic increase in numbers of the Marsh Fritillary and people are being asked to help the butterfly further by volunteering.

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Learn about Butterflies & Moths

Get the 'Micro-Moth Knowledge' ID Courses Summer 2015

Courses held in Pembrokeshire for both beginners and more experienced surveyors. Please click link above for full infomation. Booking essential. Saturday June 20th - Micro-moths. Saturday, July 18th to Tuesday, July 21st – Micro-moths. Saturday September 5th – Leaf-mining Moths. All courses run by and to be booked via Dave Grundy Tel: 0121-446-5446 or 0777-898-0924 or email

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Get involved!

Join local experts for a chance to see and learn more about our butterflies and moths or help with searches for some elusive species.

For events across North Wales please click here and for South and West Wales please click here  Small Blue on Kidney Vetch .

You can also keep up with South Wales Branch activities on Facebook Link to Butterfly Conservation South Wales Branch Facebook page

Branches and Groups

If you live in Wales and are a member of Butterfly Conservation you will automatically become a member of one of the two Branches for North or South Wales which hold events, activities and talks. There are also some local groups.

Contact them via the links below to find out more.

Butterfly Conservation is a member of Wales Environment Link (WEL), an active network of environmental Non-Governmental Organisations in Wales and the official environmental link with the Welsh Government.

Butterfly & Moth Conservation Targets & Actions

The Wales Biodiversity Framework sets out the roles and remits of organisations and individuals involved in biodiversity action in Wales.

The targets provide milestones towards conserving 15 of the butterflies and 19 of the moths on the Wales list of Species of Principal Importance (the ‘Section 42’ list). More information can be found at the Wales Biodiversity Partnership website.