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ABlue SmallDorset is one of the best areas in the UK for butterflies and moths and we are a very active Branch of Butterfly Conservation.

If you live in the region and are a member of Butterfly Conservation you automatically become a member of the Dorset branch.


Dorset: The Second Great Dorset Butterfly Scramble

Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st July 2016

Join the Dorset Branch on this weekend of butterfly counting, with participants splitting into teams to see who can see the most species! This event takes place during Big Butterfly Count.

Dorset: Butterfly Identification Walk

Sunday 31st July 2016, 1pm-4pm

Join the Dorset Branch on this butterfly identification walk between Weymouth and Portland. Great for beginners and experts alike! This event takes place during Big Butterfly Count.

Dorset: A Day On Portland

Sunday 7th August 2016, 11am-3.30pm

Join the Dorset Branch in exploring two of Portland's quarries, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The target species of butterflies will be the Silver-studded Blue, Chalkhill Blue, Lulworth Skipper and the cretaceous form of Grayling. This event takes place during Big Butterfly Count.

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40 year slump for UK Butterflies

More than three-quarters of the UK’s butterflies have declined in the last 40 years with some common species suffering significant slumps, a major scientific study has revealed.

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Peacock44 species of butterflies can be seen in Dorset. View the latest butterfly sightings in Dorset or record your own via our easy map-based system.

2015 has been an interesting year for the butterflies of Dorset, we've even had two separate sightings of the rare Long-tailed Blue (Lampides boeticus) in what has been named nationally as the second largest influx of this species to the UK!

The recent mild autumnal weather has given rise to a number of late sightings including a Speckled Wood and two Clouded Yellows on 1st November.

Photo Of The Month

This photo was sent to us by Steve Maskell, who spotted this rare Long-tailed Blue butterfly at Kingston Lacy back in September.

Long-tailed Blue, taken by Steve Maskell

We are always looking for unusual or beautiful photos of butterflies and moths so please send us any that you've taken whilst out and about in Dorset .