Fiery Clearwing

  • Fiery Clearwing
    Fiery Clearwing

Scientific name: Pyropteron chrysidiformis

Flies by day, usually in sunny conditions, from mid June to early July.

Sometimes visits flowers, such as Common Mallow or various composites. Adults have been noted at rest on bare chalk.


  • Small Sized 
  • Wing Span Range (male to female) - 18-26mm

Conservation status

  • UK BAP: Priority Species
  • Fully protected in great Britain
  • Red Data Book

Caterpillar Description

Overwinters as a larva, sometimes twice. Feeds within the tap roots of larger, typically isolated, plants.

Particular Caterpillar Food Plants

Curled Dock (Rumex crispus), Common Sorrel (R. acetosa)


  • Countries – England
  • Kent, coastal. Old records from Hampshire, Sussex and Essex, with an unconfirmed record from Devon.
  • Distribution Trend Since 1970’s = Britain: Declining


Tops of shingle beaches, areas of railway ballast, broken chalk undercliff, roadside verges, usually by the sea.


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