BC in Europe

BC in Europe

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Butterfly Conservation Europe (BCE) is an umbrella organisation for promoting and co-ordinating the conservation of butterflies and moths in Europe. 

European Interests Group

EIG logoThe European Interests Group of Butterfly Conservation aims to promote the enjoyment, conservation and study of butterflies, moths and their habitats in Europe. Membership is open to members of Butterfly Conservation.  View the EIG website for details of holidays, surveys, where to see butterflies in Europe and to access the butterfly identification service

As an individual, you can join Butterfly Conservation's European Interests Group, which is a fully fledged branch of BC and works with BCE partners to further European butterfly and moth conservation.

You can print a membership leaflet or phone the membership department at Butterfly Conservation on 01929 406015 to add EIG membership to your subscription.

Butterfly Conservation in Europe

BBC in Europeutterfly Conservation Europe was formed in 2004 to act as an umbrella organisation to promote and co-ordinate conservation of butterflies and moths across the continent. It runs its own pan-European conservation projects and works through partner organisations in countries throughout Europe.

Butterfly Conservation (UK) is pleased to be the BC Europe Network Partner within the United Kingdom. It is represented on the governing Board and contributes financially to its work. It also supports its work through the European Interests Group (see opposite).

Further information on Butterfly Conservation Europe and its Network Partners and projects can be found at Butterfly Conservation Europe