You can brush up your identification skills, help on a conservation task, see a rare species or just enjoy a beautiful site.

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Wiltshire: Field Trip, Martin Down & Vernditch Chase

Sunday 3rd August 2014: 11.00am
Martin Down & Vernditch Chase

This is a joint trip with the Dorset Branch. The day starts with a walk across Martin Down to see Dark Green Fritillary and downland species. After returning to the car park for lunch we will cross the A354 into Vernditch Chase woods at 14:00 to look for woodland species including White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary.

Wiltshire: Field Trip, Alners Gorse

Saturday 9th August 2014: 11.00am
Alners Gorse

South Wiltshire Group to familiarise yourself with woodland butterflies and learn how a woodland can be managed for them.

Wiltshire: Field Trip, Park Bottom

Saturday 13th September 2014: 11.00am
Park Bottom

A South Wiltshire Group walk. Target Species: Small Copper, Comma, Common and Adonis Blue