You can brush up your identification skills, help on a conservation task, see a rare species or just enjoy a beautiful site.

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North Wales: Moths At Bryn Euryn

Thursday 30th June 2016, 10.00am-0.00pm
Bryn Euryn, Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay, Conwy

Join the North Wales Branch and see last night's catch of moths at the top of Bryn Euryn.

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North Wales:Glow Worms And Moths Of The Great Orme

Friday 1st July 2016, 9.30pm-11.55pm
Great Orme

Join the North Wales Branch for a guided walk to search for glow worm and moths along the cliffs of the west side of the Great Orme, led by Mark Sheridan. This will be followed by moth trapping till late.

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North Wales - Butterfly Search at Pool Parc, Ruthin

Sunday 17th July 2016, 2.00pm-4.30pm
Pool Parc, Ruthin

This former deer park is now an interesting site for butterflies, including white-letter hairstreak and silver washed fritillary. This visit will be a joint event with North Wales Wildlife Trust led by Ian Gorton. Meet at Ruthin Rugby Club layby (GR: SJ117 578).

North Wales - Ashworth's Rustic Weekend

Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th July 2016, 9.00pm-11.00am
Pensychnant Centre

If the weather is favourable Sychnant gives a great night's moth trapping wuth a good chance of seeing Ashworth's Rustic and Weaver's Wave moths. Set traps for 9pm and stay as late as you will, or view the catch the next morning at 11am at the house, when there will be good photo opportunities. Meet at Pensychnant Centre (SH751770).

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North Wales - AGM And Illustrated Talks - Pensychnant Centre

Saturday 8th October 2016, 10.30am-3.30pm
Pensychnant Centre, Conwy

Join us for the brief AGM and series of interesting talks. There will also be three excellent speakers including Sally Pidcock, warden of the Great Orme; Michael Slater who will speak on successes of Butterfly Conservation in Warwickshire and Tom Brereton who is Head of Monitoring at Butterfly Conservation. We can look forward to a tour of the Great Orme, then to the Midlands and insights to the BMS scheme.