White Admiral

Amazing Autumn Appearances

No matter how long you have been interested in butterflies and moths, they always retain the ability to surprise us.

iRecord Butterflies app

iRecord Butterflies In Autumn

Big Butterfly Count may be over but butterflies are still flying. If you enjoyed watching butterflies this summer, why not download our free iRecord Butterflies app and carry on counting?

Small Tortoiseshell on Rudbeckia

Dig It – August Tips from the Secret Gardener

You might struggle to find space in your garden for any more plants at this time of year but squeezing in a couple of containers with plants to provide late summer nectar is worthwhile.

Attenborough counting butterflies

Biggest Butterfly Count

Will butterflies lapse back into decline this summer or push on to even greater numbers?

Peacock Butterfly

Get Out For The Count

2014 is shaping up to be a bumper year for butterflies. How many can you spot during this year's Big Butterfly Count?

Cinnabar list

Tales From The Trap - June 2014

Half-way through 2014 Les Hill takes stock and looks at what we’ve had in the Butterfly Conservation moth trap so far this year.

Stoats on Prees Heath

Trills And Thrills To Be Had in June

Work carried out on Butterfly Conservation reserves is primarily to maintain and improve habitat for butterflies and moths but many of the measures taken benefit other wildlife too.

Yellow Iris

Dig It – June Tips From The Secret Gardener

Many wildflowers grow well in the boggy areas surrounding the pond or on the slopes at its edge. The Secret Gardener shares some of the best species to transform your water feature into a magnet for moths and butterflies.

Gardening Booklet

Gardening For Butterflies And Moths

Our new booklet "Gardening For Butterflies And Moths" written by wildlife writer Kate Bradbury will show you how to help these wonderful species in your patch.


Flood Pain For Butterflies?

The wettest winter on record has brought flooding misery to many homeowners and left large swathes of southern England under water.

Peacock Butterfly

Toughest Butterfly On The Block

The sight of a Peacock on a Winter's day delights butterfly fans but this small insect can strike terror into the hearts of many other creatures.

Long-tailed Tit

RSPB Guest Blog - Big Garden Birdwatch

Heather Griffiths' favourite butterfly is a Red Admiral but this month she is hoping to spot Long-tailed Tits in her garden. Will you be taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch?


Dig it - Wildlife Gardening Resolutions for 2014

New Year means dreaded New Year resolutions. But don’t despair, why not make some very simple gardening resolutions that will provide a home for wildlife and give you hours of fun?