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Saving Silver At Portland Quarry

Wildlife lovers are needed to help create habitat on Portland for one of Dorset’s rarest butterflies - the Silver-studded Blue - which is in serious decline in the county.

Hot Chocolate For Caterpillars

An education project aimed at bringing Dorset and Somerset schoolchildren closer to nature has received an important funding boost from the GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund...

Fire And Brimstones At The Castle

Butterfly Conservation Dorset is asking people to visit historic Maiden Castle near Dorchester to record butterfly sightings.

First sightings

Four species have been sighted so far in January.

101 November Butterflies

An amazing 101 butterflies have been reported to the Dorset Branch website in November.

Painted Ladies are arriving

The 27th species of butterfly we have recorded this year in Dorset is the Painted Lady - and we've had four reports from widely-spread areas.