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Match Pot logo The Match Pot increases the value of your donation by 10, so you can help us save butterflies and moths in more landscapes than ever before. 

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A donation to the Match Pot is worth ten times the value. Convert your £10 into £100 for conservation.

A tax on landfill operators was introduced in 1996 to encourage recycling and waste reduction, The money raised is allocated to environmental projects. In order to be eligible Butterfly Conservation must contribute 10% of the total amount required for our work to save threatened butterflies and moths.

Every £1 you donate unlocks £10 of funding.

Butterflies and moths who were struggling to survive are now recovering across the UK as a result of projects funded through previous match pot appeals...

  • Large Blue

    The UK's rarest butterfly is thriving in the Polden Hills thanks to habitat restoration, including the addition of thousands of Wild Thyme plants for their caterpillars.

  • Duke Of Burgundy

    Our Dukes On The Edge project has created new habitat for the threatened Duke of Burgundy, allowing vulnerable populations to spread and colonise new areas of the South Downs.

  • Wood White

    This fast declining species is showing good signs of recovery in the Midlands, where overgrown forest rides have been cleared, creating flight corridors, so the butterfly can expand its range.

  • White-spotted sable

    This scarce micro-moth has found a new stronghold in the Morecambe Bay Limestones after land clearance has created an abundance of Goldenrod, its caterpillar foodplant.

  • Silver-studded blue

    Where we are restoring and reconnecting heathland habitat in Suffolk, Silver-studded Blue butterflies have already seen in a ten-fold increase in numbers.

  • pearl-bordered fritillary

    Alarming declines of this butterfly on the North York Moors have been reversed. The number of colonies has doubled thanks to a programme of land management and habitat creation.



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