Chambers Farm Wood Butterfly Garden

The aim in creating the Garden is to raise the profile of Butterfly Conservation, and to enthuse others to garden for butterflies & moths by:-

  • attracting butterflies into the Garden, so that visitors are able to get good views of the more common species of both butterflies and moths,
  • demonstrating the types of plants that will encourage butterflies & moths,
  • experimenting with different habitats & management regimes to minimise maintenance without reducing the Garden's attractiveness to both people and wildlife.

General View GardenThe Garden continues to be developed. It is designed to be at its best from June through to September, though we hope that it will be of some interest all the year round.

Chambers Farm Wood (Grid ref: TF 147740) is located off the B1202 Bardney to Wragby road - follow the brown signs.

The Garden is used and developed with the kind permission of the Forestry Commission.

Contact: Audrey Spring (tel: 01472 879624)


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Gardening: Dates and Times

Join us in the Garden:
'Weed a bit, plant a bit, relax a bit - what a way to spend a day - a workout & relaxation therapy all for free!'

 Gardening days for 2015 - all are Tuesdays - anytime between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm

3rd - cancelled
3rd & 17th
7th  & 21st
5th & 19th
2nd & 16th
7th & 21st
August 4th & 18th

1st from 4pm

Gardeners BBQ will be held on the 1st September this year.

For all gardening, please wear appropriate clothing & footwear. Tools and drinks will be provided, but bring your own if you prefer.
Please note: all dates are provisional and will depend on the weather conditions, so, please check with Audrey (tel: 01472-879624) to confirm before travelling.


Butterfly Garden Features

BG-D.ThompsonDave Thompson has produced this superb feature on the Chambers Farm Wood butterfly garden.  Please click on the link below to enjoy:




The Gardeners - D. ThompsonDave Thompson has produced another feature, this time focusing on the gardeners who work to maintain the Chambers Farm Wood butterfly garden.  Please click on the link below to view:




Top Ten Plants for Butterflies

  • Perennial Wallflower: 'Bowles Mauve': Apr-Sept
  • Red Valerian: May-Sept
  • Sweet Rocket: 'Hesperis Matronalis': May-June
  • Verbena Bonariensis: June-Oct: likes dry
  • Marjoram: June-Sept
  • Hebes: June-Aug
  • Purple Loosestrife: July-Aug: Likes damp
  • Buddleias varieties: July-Sept
  • Sedum varieties: Aug-Oct
  • Michaelmas Daisies: various: Aug-Oct

For more on plants, have a look at the main BC website on:


 Plant of the Month









Primroses - Primula vulgaris
An excellent nectar source for early emerging butterflies.


News from the Garden: Our 'Blog'!

17th March 2015

  • Eight volunteers with a 10am start, pottered the morning away in the butterfly garden. Enjoying the very special calm and almost eerie stillness of the day.
  • The garden feels very different at this time of year with the recently cropped flattened state of the area. In total contrast to the amazing, often hidden summer blooms, the greenery and the impressive height of the foliage in 3,4, 5 months time. Thank goodness there is a reminder of what it can look like in photographs displayed in the volunteers hut, from summer 2014.
  • In the garden the splash of colour from the heather beds looked spectacular. The Pulmonaris are only just starting to flower. We are looking forward to a good display of Forget-me-nots and lots of Teasels have seeded on the far edge of the annual bed behind the education hut and in the compost heap.
  • The first job was to fill the pond with water and search for toad/frog spawn which is very hard to spot amongst the pondweed. Maybe next time. Marsh marigold leaves were starting to show.
  • Foxgloves planted at the back and Corncockle seedlings planted in the annual bed. Honesty planted on the right. The hedge there, Field maple carefully snipped back to encourage the Blackthorn.
  • The benches were examined and the back leg supports on the bench near the noticeboard needs replacing with 4 inch round wood. Lots of discussion ensued and it was decided that two suitable hardwood trunks of 4 inch width would be adequate. Hopefully they can be found on site.
  • Questions were asked "were the Hebe leaves nibbled or frosted?" As they are  more or less leafless. No protective mesh this winter. Three of the perennial wallflowers 'Bowles mauve' have died. Maybe the site behind the loos is too overcrowded for them. conditions were not quite right - perhaps they needed more mulch?
  • Weeding and mulching was done in the Buddleia area and the scree area. Rabbit holes were filled in and the areas weeded. Compost was scattered around the herbaceous area after weeding.
  • Potted plants for sale were nurtured.
  • Cows were mooing for attention. Birds flitted back and forth across the garden. Two Dunnocks chasing in the bottom hedge. Blue and Great Tits singing. A Robin was interested in us for disturbing the soil and vegetation.

Next Session: 7th April.

3rd March 2015

  • Welcome sunshine today and a strong westerly, perfect for the task of raking off and burning after the annual mowing. We also coppiced one Alder Buckthorn and Blackthorn in the north side hedge to produce new young shoots at the right height for Brimstones in the first case and for Brown Hairstreaks in the latter. No Brown Hairstreak eggs were found in the garden this winter but hopefully the hedge trimming may encourage a female to choose our garden again this autumn.
  • The rabbits have been busy, they seem to favour the scree bed which is strange as below the 6 inches of sand is an Coppicing and Raking Teamimpermeable membrane. Still we have embedded wire netting in the surface as a deterrent. We shall not be pruning the Buddleias until April in order to delay and extend their flowering period.
  • No butterflies in flight today, despite the sunshine. However, volunteers have seen single Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Red Admiral in their own gardens. 

Next Session: Tuesday 17th March - Splitting large clumps of perennials and replacing short-lived perennials like 'Bowles Mauve' with some fresh plants grown from cuttings.

10th February 2015

  • The first gardening day of 2015 (last week was cancelled due to snow). Seven hardy souls braved the fog and the cold - it was cold - to make a start on the garden by cutting down the perennials in the more formal beds and preparing the rest for the annual mowing. The winter heathers are flowering with more to come. The Pulmonaria are starting to flower and the Primoses are appearing above the ground. So early emerging butterflies should have a choice of nectar sources.
  • Today a Jay was seen, Blue, Great and Coal Tits. Blackbirds were calling and two Robins hopped around our feet.
  • On the 18th January Richard saw a Small Tortoiseshell in the garden.

Next Session: Tuesday 3rd March - some coppicing and raking off.

January 2015

  • Gardening for butterflies in January...take a break.

Take the advice from Butterfly Conservation via the e-newsletter 'All Aflutter' - "The best thing you can do in your garden to help Butterfly Garden in Winterbutterflies and moths at this time of year is to do nothing! It's time to take a break, leave bushes unpruned and leaf litter undisturbed. Over-wintering species need safe, sheltered places to protect them from the elements."


Next Session: some coppicing, repairs to benches and planning.



See what happened in the garden last year.