Family Fun

Children in field

Welcome to the family pages of Butterfly Conservation. We've put together a variety of fun activities to help children learn more about butterflies and moths, whatever the weather.

Outdoor activities

With summer drawing closer there is no better time for families to get outdoors and enjoy nature at its best. Here are just a few fun ideas to get families outside this summer.

Family walkScavenger Hunt
All you need for this activity is the Butterfly Conservation Scavenger Hunt list, a camera, a bag (to collect your items), a pencil, some paper and a family walk! You can either split up into teams and see who finishes first or work together as a family to try and get the whole list. Good Luck!

Boy gardeningMake a butterfly and moth garden
Why not make a small section of your garden into a little butterfly and moth haven? This doesn’t have to take up much space and is a great way to get kids interested in gardening. Use a scrapbook to keep track of all the caterpillars, butterflies and moths you see once the flowers are growing. Get more gardening tips and advice.


collecting leavesMake a butterfly (with a difference)
Next time you are out in the garden why not try making a butterfly, moth or caterpillar drawing using all the twigs and leaves that are lying around? Use flowers and bright leaves to add some colour and see how accurate you can make it just using things from the garden.


Looking for more things to do outside? Visit to find out about family-friendly events near you.


Indoor activities

Rain doesn’t have to put a stop to family fun. We have put together some resources so families can still enjoy themselves (and learn about butterflies and moths) no matter what the weather!

kids on laptopButterfly race game
See which player/butterfly can overcome all the dangers and problems to grow to adulthood first, and learn a little bit about the challenges faced by butterflies at the same time. Simply download the Butterfly Race Game roll the dice and get started!

kids writingButterfly quiz
You can either do this quiz together or split into teams. Just download the quiz and use the internet to find out all about these butterfly breeds and see who can get the most facts right. Once you have found all the facts you can use the answers to see who wins (no cheating!)

CraftingMake a lifecycle mobile
Why not work together to make a lifecycle mobile?
All you need is our Butterfly Lifecycle cut-outs, some card, glue, scissors, string and some colouring pencils.




Try out our butterfly themed word searches.

Why not have a race to see who can get all the words first?


Or if you just want a chance to find out a little bit more about some species why not download our factsheets?
Red Admiral
Small Tortoiseshell



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