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Large Heath Butterfly

Bog Squad Scotland

Scotland’s peatland bogs are under threat, as are the wide range of wildlife they are home to. The Large Heath, Britain’s only peatland specialist butterfly, has suffered massive declines mainly due to habitat loss.Please help us fund the Bog Squad and the work they do to save these precious places and their inhabitants. Find out more...

Pearl-bordered fritillary

New Forest Fritillaries

The New Forest is a regional stronghold for both Pearl-bordered and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries. Conserving this landscape is crucial to ensure the survival of these species in the region. Help fund our urgent conservation work to give New Forest fritillaries a future. Find out more...



Cryptic Wood White

Northern Ireland Butterfly Files

We know less about the butterflies in Northern Ireland than the rest of the UK. Our experience shows us that catastrophic declines can occur rapidly at sites between one year and the next. The Butterfly Files Project needs funding so we can gather the information we need to stop this happening. Find out more...

Dark Bordered Beauty

North Yorkshire Beauty

The Dark Bordered Beauty is one of the UK’s rarest moths. It now can only be found on three sites in Scotland and one site in England.To stop the decline and subsequent extinction of the Dark Bordered Beauty in England we need your help to fund essential habitat management work in North Yorkshire. Find out more...

Wood white

Northants Wood White

The Wood White is one of the UK’s most threatened butterflies, and changes to woodland management are making it increasingly vulnerable. This species has suffered major declines in recent years. The Yardley-Whittlewood Ridge landscape of Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire is one of the few remaining strongholds left. Please help us protect this vital landscape for the Wood White. Find out more...

Small pearl-bordered Fritillary

South West All The Moors

Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor are home to some of our most threatened butterflies including the Marsh Fritillary and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. The All the Moor Butterflies project has been developed to protect the beautiful South West Moorlands and the rare butterflies and moths that depend on it. Please help us take action. Find out more...

Wood White

West Midlands Wood White

Butterfly Conservation has developed a project to reintroduce and protect the Wood White across the West Midlands. We need your help, to enhance, maintain and create suitable habitat for this threatened butterfly. Don't let the Wood White disappear from the West Midlands. Find out more...

Small Tortoiseshell

Save Our Butterflies

Declines of our common butterflies are a clear warning sign that wildlife as a whole is in trouble. We urgently need to do more research to understand declines and develop appropriate conservation measures to counteract them. Please support our recording and monitoring work. Find out more...