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TV wildlife presenter and naturalist Nick Baker needs your help to save butterflies and moths…


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Donate today and help save up to 10 times more butterflies and moths.

What’s the Match Pot appeal about?

Landfill site operators pay Landfill Tax when they bury waste – some of this tax is available to fund environmental projects by applying to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

To obtain funding from the LCF, Butterfly Conservation has to make a 10% contribution raised from independent sources – this is where the Match Pot appeal comes in. Every pound you donate to the appeal can potentially unlock £10 of funding from the LCF.

Giving wildlife a chance is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. You donate to the Match Pot appeal.

2. Butterfly Conservation can apply for up to 10 times the amount of your donation from the LCF.

3. Work to restore and create vital habitats is carried out, butterfly and moth numbers increase and a healthier environment is created for everyone!

Landscape-scale conservation projects really work and have already yielded great results. Targeting habitat restoration on networks of sites across a landscape allows existing populations to expand and encourages greater connectivity so that butterflies can move and colonise new areas.

It’s not too late to reverse declines and secure a future for butterflies and moths if we join together and take action now.


Contributory Third Party Funding (CTP)

To obtain funding from the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) Butterfly Conservation (BC) must contribute 10% of the funding that has been raised from independent sources.  The Match Pot appeal enables BC to raise this 10% contribution direct from you which can result in your donation being worth 10 times more when used for match funding purpose.

If you do not want your donation to be used as CTP funding please let us know by writing to our registered address, telephoning 01929 406015 or emailing