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Small Blue

Saving Surrey’s Small Blues

Britain’s smallest butterfly is one of Surrey’s most threatened species. The proposed project will restore habitat on downlands to the west and east of Guildford. With your help we can create a network of sites so that this pretty little butterfly can spread to new areas and sustain populations threatened with extinction.

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High Brown Fritillary

High Hopes for High Brown

The Morecambe Bay Limestone hills and the North York Moors are the last refuges for many species of butterfly and moth which have disappeared from virtually every other site in the North. Rare butterflies such as the High Brown Fritillary have responded really well to conservation management. We need your help to expand this work and to ensure that the habitat improvements we have already made are maintained.  Find out more...

Grizzled Skipper

Save the Grizzled Skipper

Urgent action is required to prevent the Grizzled Skipper from disappearing from the East Midlands. We need your help to improve habitat for this dramatically declining butterfly in the Vale of Belvoir. By building a series of stepping stones we can link to Grizzled Skipper sites in Nottinghamshire where a similar project has been successfully completed, so the butterfly can build a resilient metapopulation. Find out more...

Wood White

Working for the Wood White

Butterfly Conservation has run several projects in the Midlands targeting conservation management specifically to benefit the Wood White. The results of this work have been so encouraging that we hope you can help us to launch an ambitious programme to significantly increase Wood White habitat in the woodland of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire. Find out more...

Small pearl-bordered fritillary

Save the South East’s Pearls

Urgent action is required to stop the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Pearl-bordered Fritillary from becoming extinct  in South East England. To give both species the best chance to recover and re-establish sustainable populations we need to launch an ambitious conservation programme. With your help we can create and improve butterfly habitat on land close to the existing known sites for these fritillaries, including our reserves at Park Corner Heath and Rowland Wood in East Sussex. Find out more...

Silver-studded Blue

Secure a Silver-studded Future

The Brecks and the Ipswich Heaths hold important populations of special butterflies and moths, like the Silver-studded Blue and the Lunar Yellow Underwing. Our ground-breaking landscape scale conservation approach across the region has led to an upturn in the fortune of these and other threatened species but we need your help to make sure these hard won gains are not lost. Find out more...

Large Heath

Better Bogs for Butterflies

Scotland’s beautiful and mysterious peat bogs are key wildlife habitats and home to some of our rarest butterflies and moths, including the Large Heath. But these precious habitats are increasingly under threat. Butterfly Conservation Scotland has begun an ambitious programme to restore areas of peatland in Scotland’s Central Belt from Ayr to Fife but we need your help to extend this work to other sites in the Central Belt. Find out more...

Marsh Fritillary

Chance for Marsh Fritillary

We have a wonderful opportunity to restore and improve a network of 10 sites for one our most threatened butterflies - the Marsh Fritillary. Once common across Wales, this butterfly has declined by 76% in the last 20 years. With your help our new project will substantially increase the amount of good quality habitat for the Marsh Fritillary in the Upper Ely River valley of South Rhondda. Find out more...

Heath Fritillary

Moor Butterflies and Moths

Our moorland species are in more trouble than almost any other group in the UK- much of their habitat has been lost or damaged since the 1930s. We need your help to give vulnerable species such as Marsh Fritillary the best chance to recover and to re-establish populations on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, Dartmoor in Devon, and Exmoor in Devon and Somerset. Find out more...

Garden Tiger by Shane Farrell

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