Butterflies and moths are sensitive indicators of the health of our environment. Find out how you can help them. 

Red Admiral (upperwing) by Adam Gor

First butterfly sightings 2020

2020's earliest sightings of resident and common migrant butterflies, as reported to Butterfly Conservation.

December Moth (head on) by Iain Leach

Moths are on the move

The newly published Atlas of Britain and Ireland’s Larger Moths has discovered dramatic changes for UK moths. 

Peacock (upperwing) - Adam Gor

Get Gardening

Gardening with butterflies and moths in mind is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your own backyard.

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Marsh Fritillary (Female/Upperwing) - Iain Leach

Support our projects

The natural world needs our help. Habitats have been destroyed on a massive scale, and now patterns of climate and weather are shifting unpredictably in response to pollution of the atmosphere.

Small Elephant Hawk-moth (underwing) - Bob Eade


Shop til you drop for butterflies and moths – every sale raises funds for our conservation work.

Silver-studded Blue - Mark Searle


Volunteers in our Branches manage over 30 Nature Reserves - all havens for butterflies, moths and other wildlife. Why not visit one near you? 

Garden Tiger - Iain Leach

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