Dusky Sallow

  • Dusky Sallow
    Dusky Sallow

Scientific name: Eremobia ochroleuca

July to September. England and Wales. Medium-sized mottled brown and buff moth. Found in grassy places, usually on chalk, limestone, or shingle sites.

A moderately sized moth with tawny or olive brown and straw coloured forewings, with a broad whitish central band, pinched in the middle and with a neat chequered fringe.

The adults are usually seen by day flying in sunshine during mid summer or nectaring on flowers and is particularly fond of Knapweed and Ragwort. They also fly at night. The caterpillars can be found from late April to early July before pupating in a cocoon underground. They overwinter as eggs.

Size and Family

  • Family – Arches, Brindles, Minors, Rustics and allies (Amphipyrinae)
  • Medium Sized 
  • Wingspan Range 28-32mm

Conservation status

  • UK BAP: Not listed
  • Common

Caterpillar Food Plants

Flowers and seeds of various grasses, such as Perennial Oat Grass, Couch Grass and Cock’s-foot (Dactylis glomeratus).


Favours dry habitats, especially flowery calcareous downland, shingle and embankments where limestone chippings have been used in construction.


  • Countries – England, Wales
  • Quite well distributed in central, southern and eastern England as far north as Yorkshire, but less frequent in the west. Rare on the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

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