Dingy Mocha

  • Dingy Mocha
    Dingy Mocha

Scientific name: Cyclophora pendularia

Flies at night, late April to June and July to August. Comes to light.

Superficially similar to dark forms of the Birch Mocha (Cyclophora albipunctata), but the Dingy Mocha has the apex of the forewing pointed and the hindwing distinctly angled. Double-brooded.


  • Small Sized 
  • Wing Span Range (male to female) - 26-29mm

Conservation status

  • UK BAP: Priority Species
  • Red Data Book

Caterpillar Description

Overwinters as a pupa.

Particular Caterpillar Food Plants

Smaller leaved sallows, such as Eared Willow (Salix aurita) and Grey Willow (S. cinerea)


  • Countries – England, Wales
  • Dorset and the New Forest. Also very locally in north Devon, with a single recent record in south Wales.
  • Distribution Trend Since 1970’s = Britain: Declining


Damp neutral grassland, limestone grassland, chalk downland, breck grassland, sandy heathland, sand dunes, woodland rides and clearings