The Secret Gardener

Red Admiral on Wallflower (Steve Maskell)

Dig It – April Tips from the Secret Gardener

The Secret Gardener's star plant which has been flowering without stopping, since it was planted couple of years ago, is the Perennial Wallflower Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’.


Hedge your bets for Brimstones

As February gets into its stride, the signs of the fast approaching spring are becoming more and more evident.

Snowy oak leaf

Dig It - January Tips From The Secret Gardener

January is an easy month to help butterflies and moths in the garden. Many species will be taking shelter until temperatures start to rise so leave leaf litter and postpone pruning to protect eggs, caterpillars and crysalises.

Small Tortoiseshell on Heather

Dig it – November's tips from the Secret Gardener

Heather is an attractive, evergreen shrub that can bring colour to your garden all year-round. It's also a useful nectar source for butterflies and moths and the foodplant of several caterpillars.


Dig It – April Tips from the Secret Gardener

You might not associate a garden rockery with butterflies and moths but actually the hot and dry microhabitat, with well-drained soil, can offer conditions suitable for some great nectar plants.

fritillaries on umbellifer

Dig It – March tips from the Secret Gardener

The large, flat, flower heads, which give Umbellifers their name (think umberella), sit atop tall stems, providing excellent perches for butterflies and moths in need of nectar.


Dig It – February Tips from the Secret Gardener

Plant the right pollinator-friendly seeds now and you could also benefit. The Secret gardener introduces some plants that provide nectar for butterflies and moths and are also suitable to cut for flower arranging.

Witch Hazel

Dig It – January Tips from the Secret Gardener

Witch Hazel is one of few January flowering shrubs. It will provide nectar when little else is available and its star-like blooms add a bright burst of colour in a pale winter landscape.

Comma and hawk-moth on buddleia

Dig It - September Tips From The Secret Gardener

Known as the Butterfly Bush, Buddleia is one of the best plants to grow for butterflies, moths and other pollinators but it must be managed to prevent it spreading across sensitive natural habitats.

Puss moth caterpillar

Dig It – August Tips From The Secret Gardener

Gardeners might traditionally view caterpillars as pests but our Secret Gardener is happy to nurture the babies of a butterfly at the expense of a few leaves that will grow back.