Saving Landscapes With Landfill

A donation to the Match Pot Appeal today could be worth 10 times more to threatened species, thanks to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

Match Pot 7 LogosLandfill site operators pay tax on the waste they dispose of. The LCF make some of this money available to environmental projects. Butterfly Conservation is eligible for funding from the LCF but we must be able to provide a 10% contribution in order to unlock the funds for our conservation work.

Please donate today and help us unlock up to 10 times the value of your donation.

Since 2009 your generous donations have unlocked landfill funds that have allowed us to run 27 landscape-scale conservation projects across the UK, protecting some of our rarest species.

It is crucial we can continue and increase the work we know is making a difference.

Donate to help more butterflies and moths escape the threat of extinction.


Heath FritillaryThe Heath Fritillary is one of the UK's rarest species. The South Essex Woodlands is one of only four landscapes where this butterfly can still be found. But numbers are declining. Work to restore breeding ground and connect important areas of habitat is critical to the long-term survival of this butterfly.

Your donation could fund workshops where we can teach volunteers how to maintain woodland butterfly habitats.


Large BlueThe Large Blue went extinct in the UK in 1979. It has since been successfully reintroduced but remains our rarest butterfly. To secure a stable future for this species we must expand its range and population. In order to provide the habitat that will support the complex lifecycle of the Large Blue, extensive land management is required.   

Your donation could cover the cost of Wild Thyme and other caterpillar foodplants in the Cotswolds.


Duke of Burgundy The Duke of Burgundy is one of the UK's fastest declining butterflies. The few remaining colonies are small and isolated. Restoring chalk grassland in the Chiltern Hills will link vital habitat and allow this species to spread its wings and spread accross one of the few landscapes were it clings to survival.

Your donation could kickstart the recovery of this species by supporting habitat restoration in the Chilterns.


Drab LooperThe Drab Looper is a nationally scarce moth of ancient woodlands. In West Sussex this species has been reduced to just four vulnerable colonies. We must carry out urgent restoration work to open up areas of dark and gloomy woodland, providing the sunny rides and glades this moth needs to survive.

Your donation could fund conservation action to prevent this moth from becoming extinct in West Sussex.


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Contributory Third Party Funding (CTP)

To obtain funding from the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) Butterfly Conservation (BC) must contribute 10% of the funding that has been raised from independent sources. The Match Pot appeal enables BC to raise this 10% contribution direct from you which can result in your donation being worth 10 times more when used for match funding purpose. If you do not want your donation to be used as CTP funding please let us know by writing to our registered address, telephoning 01929 406015 or emailing