Landfill Communities Fund

Purple Emperor (male/upperwing)

Since the introduction of the Landfill Communities Fund, Butterfly Conservation has received over £3.1 million from this source, funding 42 conservation projects.


Current conservation projects include:

In 2016 Biffa Award kindly granted funding towards Butterfly Conservation’s ongoing work to benefit the Large Blue and Duke of Burgundy butterflies in the Cotswolds. The Expanding Painswick Valley's Dukes and Blues project built upon work already achieved in the Painswick Valley network, through Lowland Calcareous Grassland improvement and restoration across nine sites.

New Forest Fritillaries for the Future, funded by Biffa Award, will carry out targeted conservation management to restore essential breeding habitat to increase population and distribution of the Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary in the New Forest.

The Dark Bordered Beauty moth is currently found at a single site in England, where it is in danger of being lost completely. With the help of funding from Yorventure, work is being undertaken to increase its numbers, by increasing the abundance of the caterpillar’s sole foodplant - Creeping Willow - and protecting the young plants from grazing damage.

In 2015, Veolia Environmental Trust generously supported Butterfly Conservation’s work in the West Midlands with a grant towards an 18-month project to restore and expand essential habitat for the Small Blue butterfly. Targeted conservation work will re-establish suitable breeding locations across a vital network of 25 ecologically-linked areas within the Southam Lias Grasslands Landscape in Warwickshire, also benefitting species such as Dingy Skipper and Grizzled Skipper.

Butterfly Conservation’s ambitious project continuing our work in North West England received generous funding from WREN. This three-year project focuses on improving the wooded landscape of Morecambe Bay, on the Lancashire/Cumbria border for a whole host of species, including Argent & Sable moth, High Brown Fritillary and Pearl Bordered Fritillary.

Pearl-bordered Fritillaries in West Sussex will benefit from habitat work taking place in Charlton Forest, near Chichester. This fantastic project received funding from Veolia Environmental Trust in late 2016, with project work commencing early 2017. 

In 2016 Cory Environmental Trust in Britain kindly supported Butterfly Conservation’s project to restore populations of the threatened Heath Fritillary butterfly across six woodlands in South East Essex through habitat creation and enhancement.

Veolia Environmental Trust has generously funded 18 months of project work to expand the range of the threatened Duke of Burgundy butterfly in the Chilterns landscape in Buckinghamshire through a programme of habitat creation and restoration.

Completed projects funded through the Landfill Communities Fund:

Restoring Ipswich Heaths WREN 2016  
Safeguarding Warwickshire's Smallest Butterfly  CEMEX Community Fund


Magdalen Hill Down Striped Lychnis                  Veolia Environmental Trust 2014  
Habitat Creation in Haldon Forest  GrantScape: Coastal Recycling Community Fund 2014  
Conserving the Grizzled Skipper Butterfly in the Vale of Belvoir  SITA Trust 2014  
Securing the Poldens Large Blue Landscape  Biffa Award            2014  
Restoring Sywell and Hardwick Wood to conserve Rare Butterflies  GrantScape: Mick George Community Fund 2013  
Restoring Median Farm for the Marsh Fritillary in Carmarthenshire  GrantScape: CWM Community and Environmental Fund 2013  
Restoring a Cotswold Gem  Gloucestershire Environmental Trust 2013  
Conserving the Small Blue Butterfly on the Guildford Downs  CEMEX Community Fund 2012  
Conserving the Betony Case-bearer Moth  Biffa Award 2012  
Conserving the Painswick Valley's Rare Butterflies  Biffa Award 2012  
Restoring Ipswich Heaths  WREN 2012  
Reconnecting the Wyre Forest for the Pearl-bordered Fritillary  SITA Trust 2012  
Conserving the Wood White Butterfly in Northamptonshire's Woodlands  SITA Trust 2012  
Saving the Pearl-bordered Fritillary on the Morecambe Bay Limestones  SITA Trust 2012  
Prees Heath Common Reserve, Whitchurch  Veolia Environmental Trust 2011  
Haldon Forest         SITA Trust 2011  
Dukes on the Edge   SITA Trust 2011  
Expanding the Large Blue Landscape in the Polden Hills  SITA Trust 2011  
Big Brecks  WREN 2010  
North York Moors for Dukes & Pearls  WREN 2010  
White-spotted Pinion Moth  SITA Trust 2010  
Princethorpe Woods  Biffa Award 2009  
Shropshire Woods  SITA Trust 2009  
Beckley-Bixley Woods Project  SITA Trust 2009  
Denge Wood Habitat Restoration  Biffa Award 2009  
Conserving the Grey Carpet in the Brecks  SITA Trust               2008  
Bringing Back the Small Blue  SITA Trust               2008  
Butterflies of Chalk Down and Quarry  CEMEX Community Fund                     2008  
Conserving the High Brown Fritillary on the Morecambe Bay Limestones  GrantScape 2008  
Access to Butterflies at Stockton Cutting  CEMEX Community Fund                     2008  
Woodland Restoration for the Butterflies of Bentley Wood  SITA Trust               2007  
The Purchase and Restoration of Prees Heath Common  GrantScape 2006