Spring Appeal

In the UK we have lost 25% of our widespread butterflies in just 40 years. Iconic species are struggling to survive.

Butterflies and moths categorised as common are more versatile with their feeding and breeding requirements than those known as specialists. Their adaptability, when it comes to habitat, means these species can be found across much of the UK's countryside and in our towns and cities. But the sight of a butterfly in your garden or local park is becoming scarcer. Recent reports show that numbers of these once widespread species are drastically declining.





To protect our widespread butterflies and moths we must:

  • Introduce a wider countryside programme to monitor moths.
  • Raise the profile of butterflies in urban areas and ways to combat the challenges they face.
  • Research conservation measures which support Lepidoptera and determine how they enhance the environment for all wildlife.
  • Share best practice techniques, for managing areas like field margins, with more landowners.
  • Develop pilot projects in our countryside and cities that will implement practical solutions on a large scale.

Your donation will make this work possible and ensure that the sight of a beautiful butterfly flitting through the garden on a summer’s day is not just something we tell our grandchildren about.