Keep Woodland Butterflies On The Wing In The East Midlands

Black Hairstreak

The ancient woodlands of the Yardley Whittlewood Ridge in Northamptonshire are home to beautiful and increasingly rare butterflies and moths. We need to expand our successful conservation work here to protect more vulnerable species.

Our Woodland Wings project will inspire people living near this ancient forest and parkland to care for and protect butterflies like the Wood White, Black Hairstreak and Dingy Skipper, and rare moths including the Heart Moth and False Mocha. 

We will provide community groups with the knowledge and training to carry out practical conservation tasks and vital monitoring of butterflies and moths.

Funds are needed to run public events to reach new volunteers and provide the specialist training they require. Your support will ensure we build on our successes and guarantee long-term benefits to butterflies, moths and other wildlife.


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By donating to our Double Your Impact appeal you will be helping to support projects like this, funding work to reverse declines and protect threatened species.







This project is only possible with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Butterfly Conservation Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Branch.