Missing the Match Pot?

Match Pot has come to an end because we are no longer able to guarantee the 10x uplift on donations. 

How come my donation was worth 10 times the amount last year?

 Donations to previous Match Pot appeals helped fulfil the third party funding needed to secure income from the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). The LCF provided funds for a conservation project once Butterfly Conservation had raised 10% of project costs. This meant that every £1 donated to Match Pot had the potential to unlock £10 from the LCF.

Why can't this continue?

 Due to changes in LCF funding criteria it is becoming much harder for Butterfly Conservation to secure income from this scheme.  Less waste is now going into landfill sites meaning that the percentage of tax that can be distributed through the LCF is decreasing.  Landfill Operators remain heavily oversubscribed but have less funds to distribute - this has led to them tightening their funding eligibility criteria. We will of course continue to seek LCF funding in Scotland and Wales, and in England, where the criteria will allow, but we need to shift focus to different sources of funding.  

Can I still make my donation worth more?

As LCF applications reduce we need to maximise alternative grant and trust income but most funders will only provide a percentage of the full project costs.  Donations to our new Double Your Impact appeal will be worth at least double, or more, when matched against secured grant or trust funding.  This appeal is vital to fully fund projects so key conservation work to go ahead. 


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