Photo Gallery 2018

Welcome to our Photo Gallery for 2018.  

As we did in our Photo Gallery 2017 this online Photo Gallery of Butterflies and Moths in Devon will build up as the year goes on and we invite branch members to send in their photos for possible inclusion in these monthly pages (see links below). 

Photo Gallery Jan - Mar 2018

If you are sending in your photo to give us a formal record of this sighting please use the link on our Latest Sightings page to email it in, or use our email address  (For lots more information about the ways you can record butterflies in Devon see our Recording Butterflies page)

For photos of butterflies that you have already recorded by some other recording method please use this email link (or use our email and please be sure to tell us where you took the photo.

Please ensure that that the photo you submit has been taken by you, in Devon, in 2018.  Our aim is to build up a Gallery which will be a useful aid to butterfly identification and, although we aim to include as many of your photos as possible, the final decisions on which photos are included will depend on species and clarity of the photos, as well as on interesting photographic composition.

Please note this excerpt from the Butterfly Conservation Policy on collecting, breeding and photography. "Taking photographs..... can be a captivating hobby but the priority must always be the welfare of insect populations and their habitat.  Photographers should take care to minimise disturbance or damage to habitats."