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Cloaked Minor
Cloaked Minor (Mesoligia furuncula)
Dark Bordered Beauty
Dark Bordered Beauty (Epione vespertaria)
Dark Crimson Underwing
Dark Crimson Underwing (Catocala sponsa)
Dingy Mocha
Dingy Mocha (Cyclophora pendularia)
Fenn's Wainscot
Fenn's Wainscot (Pyropteron chrysidiformis)
Fiery Clearwing
Fiery Clearwing (Pyropteron chrysidiformis)
Galium Carpet
Galium Carpet (Epirrhoe galiata)
Garden Tiger
Garden Tiger (Arctia caja)
Grey Carpet
Grey Carpet (Lithostege griseata)
Ground Lackey
Ground Lackey (Malacosoma castrensis)
July Belle
July Belle (Scotopteryx luridata)
Lead Belle
Lead Belle (Scotopteryx mucronata)
Marsh Mallow Moth
Marsh Mallow Moth (Hydraecia osseola)
Mistletoe Marble
Mistletoe Marble (Celypha woodiana)
Netted Carpet
Netted Carpet (Eustroma reticulatum)
New Forest Burnet
New Forest Burnet (Zygaena viciae)
Northern Rustic
Northern Rustic (Standfussiana lucernea)
Red Carpet
Red Carpet (Xanthorhoe decoloraria)
Scarce Pug
Scarce Pug (Eupithecia extensaria)
Scotch Burnet
Scotch Burnet (Zygaena exulans)
Slender-striped Rufous
Slender-striped Rufous (Coenocalpe lapidata)
Small Argent & Sable
Small Argent & Sable (Epirrhoe tristata)
Small Eggar
Small Eggar (Eriogaster lanestris)
Small Yellow Underwing
Small Yellow Underwing (Panemeria tenebrata)
Striped Lychnis
Striped Lychnis (Shargacucullia lychnitis)
Sussex Emerald
Sussex Emerald (Thalera fimbrialis)
White Spot
White Spot (Hadena albimacula)
White-spotted Pinion
White-spotted Pinion (Cosmia diffinis)
Silver Hook
Silver Hook (Deltote uncula)
Red Twin-spot Carpet
Red Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe spadicearia)