Snakeholme Pit in 2018

Notice of Workparties

For full details, please see the 'Events' pages. Contact: Derek Fox (tel 01522-754214; mob 07724-999287)

Workparties - Usually 10.00am - 4.00pm

2018: Wed 9th May; Wed 13th Jun; Wed 11th Jul; Wed 1st Aug; Wed 29th Aug; Wed 26th Sep.

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Snakeholme Pit Blog 2018

19th April: Derek Fox reports....."Although very warm, only 4 butterflies seen -  2 Peacock and 2 male Brimstones.
Some really colourful patches of Celandine, Cowslips starting to show on both meadows, Blackthorn in full blossom and Adders-tongue just visible in two sections.
Lots of life in the pond -  hundreds of tadpoles of both Frogs and Toads. First time I have seen any Newts there (common ones i think?).
Also spotted a few Sticklebacks around the bases of the Reedmace, not sure what species though. So it was a really nice visit for recording week 3."

11th April: Although the water level was high, the tide mark hallf-way up the bank showed how high it had been. The Reserve is stillSP 110418 quite wet but things are starting to come out. Clumps of both Frog and Toad spawn could be seen in the water and the Primroses were in flower in front of the plaque. A male and female Mallard were disturbed on the water and the first Cranefly was out. A Chiffchaff was heard calling.

Snakeholme 220318

22nd March: After postponement due to the weather, Derek Ken & I managed to make it today for a very productive workparty. The 2 stream banks were brushcut, the stone area cleared and the areas raked. The wood that had been left on the meadows and near the far seat was cleared away and burnt. We even managed to prune the buddleia and a bit of the hedge as well as strim the Bulrish area on the bottom meadow.
Brimstone was on the wing and birds included Mallard, Chaffinch, Fieldfare, Wren, Long-tailed Tit, Goldfinch and Woodpigeon. Celendine , Colt's-foot and Primrose were all in flower.