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This page is dedicated to sharing first butterfly & moth sightings, unusual  sightings and indeed anything you feel might be of interest to others!

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June 2018

Thursday 21st June

Ian McGlynn emailed: "Near Robert's Field today and had 3 Marbled Whites and 8 Ringlets, and 2 White Admirals in Bourne Woods."

Wednesday 20th June Blotched Emerald

  • And Sims from Swanpool emailed: "New for the year in my garden trap today were a fine Blotched Emerald and a Small Rivulet."
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "A brief circuit of Scotton Common this afternoon produced masses of Common Heaths plus Light Emerald, Common Wave, Straw Dot and a single Clouded Buff (I think my first one in Lincs)."

Tuesday 19th June

  • Jacqui Jay Grafton emailed: "On 17th and 19th June at Chambers Farm Wood, Jan and myself saw a Small Magpie moth, Brown China-mark moth, Current Clearwing and a few Black Hairstreaks, but our personal favourite was a Red-necked Footman."
  • Mark Radford emailed: "A few of us Derbyshire recorders (Sid Morris, Jenny Hudson, Dave Wood and myself) visited Chambers Farm Wood in conditions that were far from ideal, mostly cloudy and breezy at 24 degrees C, but you've got to be in it to win it! Numbers were as follows: 66 Speckled Wood, 14 Black Hairstreak, 3 Meadow Brown, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Comma, 1 Large Skipper, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Orange Tip, 1 Small White, 1 Ringlet and 1 Marsh Fritillary. Moths included 3 Current Clearwing and a single Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth."
  • Jill Hall emailed: "A visit to Southrey today produced several White Admirals."

Monday 18th JuneWhite Admiral

Pete Smith emailed: "Just seen my first Lincolnshire White Admirals of the year today out in the Limewoods."

Sunday 17th June

Andy Simms from Swanpool emailed: "New for the year this morning were, Snout, Light Arches and May Highfier. Also, the blackish form of Willow Beauty f. rebeli which I've never seen before. Thought it was a new species at first."

Saturday 16th June

  • Phil Lee from Misterton emailed: "I've had some good garden moths for me over the last few nights, including my second Large Nutmeg this year, not a common moth around me. A Wood Carpet, new for the garden, is also to be found in the nearby LWT woods at Langholme and Haxey Turbary. Last night I had a wandering Narrow-winged Pug, which is common just over the Trent on the commons and heaths of Laughton and Scotton, again a new one for the garden."
  • Pete Burnett emailed: "Biggest catch last night in our Fiskerton garden with 92 moths of 29 species. Plain Golden Y new for the year and a Lime Hawkmoth of the brown variety f brunnea."
  • Ian McGlynn emailed: "7 Dark Green Fritillaries at Robert's Field today."
  • Pete Cawdell emailed: "A brief burst of late afternoon sunshine brought an early White Admiral out from the tree tops at Old Wood Skellingthorpe near Lincoln. Also seen were, 3 Red Admiral, 8 Speckled Wood, an old Comma, 2 Green-veined White and a Small White."

Friday 15th JuneBlack Hairstreak

Jill Hall emailed: "Managed to photograph Black Hairstreak at Chambers Farm Wood today."

Thursday 14th June: Night of the Elephant Hawkmoths!

  • Steve Palmer emailed: "Best night ever in my Healing garden with 46 species recorded and included the following: 27 Elephant Hawkmoth, 2 Eyed Hawkmoth, Peppered Moth and 2 Coronet. New for the garden were: Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Rivulet and 5 Figure of Eighty. New for the year were: 6 The Flame, 4 Poplar Grey and Plain Golden Y."
  • Andy Sims emailed: "A good catch at Swanpool last night with 67 moths of 32 species. New for the Year were, Privet Hawkmoth, Green Silver-lines, Green Pug, Poplar Grey, Marbled Beauty and Coxcomb Prominent."

Wednesday 13th June

  • Hugh Middleton emailed: "Painted Lady and Marsh Fritillary in Butterfly Garden at Chambers Farm Wood today."
  • Dave Wright reported: "Visited Rimac today and despite the mostly cloudy and breezy conditions noted the following: 119 Small Heath, 1 Wall, 56 Common Blue, 13 Large Skipper, 3 Meadow Brown (my first of the year), 2 Peacock and a single Green-veined White. Day flying moths included, 6 Cinnabar, 2 Yellow Shell, 2 Silver Y, 3 Burnet Companion and Latticed Heath. Also, 2 Drinker larvae."
  • Dave Thompson emailed: "I was down at Fiveways, Chambers Farm Wood today looking for Black Hairstreaks and counted about 6 of them at any one time. They mostly stayed above head height and were very active flitting between the bushes and trees in that area."
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Noted a single Ringlet near Lincoln, plus many Meadow Browns and Large Skippers now."

Tuesday 12th June

Nigel Lound emailed: "125W MV Robinson in the Gib Point East Dunes resulted in 516 moths of 64 species. New for the year were Wood Carpet, Angle-barred Pug, Satyr Pug, Common Wave, Burnished Brass, Marbled White-spot,Poplar Grey and Striped Wainscot.

Sunday 10th June

  • Stefan McElwee emailed: "I had a look for Black Hairstreak at Chambers Farm Wood today and had at least 3 at Fiveways. Also, still many Marsh Fritillaries in both meadows and Current Clearwing and Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth both at the visitor centre."
  • Freddy Johnson emailed: "Had a pristine Painted Lady in my Bracebridge Heath garden today, along with a Red Admiral and Speckled Wood."
  • Dennis Tyler emailed: "Saw my first Meadow Brown of the year today at Besthorpe."
  • Dave Wright reported: "44 Chimney Sweeper moths today along the public bridleway that skirts Benniworth House, near Donington on Bain."
  • Paul Coombes emailed: "I visited Crowle Moor North for the first time today and walked many miles in search of Large Heath. No joy in the morning, but found c20 in the afternoon once the sun came out to play. A Large Skipper was also my first of year. Only other report was 6 Speckled Wood."

Saturday 9th JuneMullein Caterpillar

  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Allotment at Knaith today produced masses of Mullein Moth caterpillars on Great Mullein."
  • Jan Kirsopp emailed: "Found a Privet Hawkmoth today near Lincoln Cathedral."
  • Steve Palmer from Healing emailed: "11 species in the trap including another Large Nutmeg and a female Green Silver Lines, which was new for the garden."

Friday 8th June: First Meadow Brown of the year!

  • Toby Ludlow messaged: "Despite the dull and overcast conditions, found my first Meadow Brown of the year today at Woodhall Spa Airfield nature reserve.
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Garden moth trap here at Marton, produced 111 moths of 38 species including, 3 Elephant Hawkmoth, Eyed Hawkmoth, Brown Rustic, Thistle Ermine, Green Pug and Clouded-bordered Brindle. Also, Lesser Stag Beetle in trap."
  • Steve Palmer emailed: "22 species at Healing last night and a Sycamore was new for the garden."

Thursday 7th June

  • Nigel Lound emailed: "125W MV Robinson in the Gib Point East Dunes produced 578 moths of 56 species. New for the year were Poplar Hawkmoth, Small Phoenix, Cream-bordered Green Pea, Lychnis, Blood-vein, Straw Dot, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Dark Sword-grass, Dark Spectacle and Common Wainscot. Personal highlight was my first Brown Silver-line which I believe is the 2nd only for Gib."
  • Linda and Alan Woodward from Lea, near Gainsborough emailed: "We had our first sighting of a Painted Lady today in the garden. It was quite worn and we couldn't help wondering where it had come from."
  • Phil Bowler emailed: "Visited Red Hill LWT nature reserve today, not the best of days, but quite a bit seen: 135 Coimmon Blue, 20 Small Heath, 5 Large Skipper, Large White, Green-veined White and Orange Tip. Moths included: 73 Silver Y, 2 Yellow Shell and 2 Silver Ground Carpet."Current Clearwing
  • Phil Lee emailed: "Had a cracking day at Chambers Farm Wood today and arrived to see a Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth in the toilet block car park. Still lots of Marsh Fritillaries in Little Scrubbs Meadow and even down as far as Minting Triangle. We even had a Devon Carpet on the main track just past Little Scrubbs. We also saw a Forget-me-not Shieldbug and the leafhopper Ledra aurita. Back in the car park I kicked the Blackcurrent bush and sure enough a few Current Clearwings appeared and one couple remained in cop for at least 45 minutes."

Wednesday 6th June

Martin Gray emailed: "2 Painted Ladies in my Broadholme garden today."Painted Lady

Tuesday 5th June: First Clouded Yellow of the year!

  • Pat ? emailed: "Today I saw a female Clouded Yellow of the helice form on the RAF Woodhall site outside Woodhall Spa."
  • Dave Wright reported: "Along with Steve Palmer, visited Nettleton NR early afternoon and inspected the hillside above it. Found an area rich in flora and not surprisingly butterflies, which included: 22 Small Heath, Small Copper, 2 Brown Argus, 15 Common Blue, Large Skipper, Orange Tip, 6 Speckled Wood, 2 Green-veined White, Peacock and a Painted Lady."

Sunday 3rd June

  • Brian Hedley emailed: "A walk around Marton village this morning produced nine butterfly species comprising: 9 Speckled Wood, Common Blue, Holly Blue, Brimstone, 4 Large Skipper, 4 Large White, 2 Green-veined White, 2 Orange Tip and Peacock. Also, had my first Hummingbird Hawkmoth of the year in garden on Red Valerian and lots of Silver Y."
  • John Clarkson emailed: "A really good showing of Chimney Sweeper moths by the River Lud, SW of Louth today. First time I've noted them in this location."
  • Dave Wright reported: "Walked the Viking Way just south of Nettleton and found Wall and 2 Small Heath in an area where I've not seen them before."
  • Phil Lee from Misterton emailed: "Best night of the year so far, 183 macros of 42 species, new for the year were Shark, Light Arches, Gold Spot, Bird's Wing and a White-spotted Pug was new for the garden and all earliest ever records. Earlier in the day had Red Admiral and Painted Lady flying around the garden, and both looked in good condition" 
  • Steve Palmer from Healing emailed: "28 species last night with Pebble Prominent, Small Fan-foot, Coronet, 2 Silver Ground Carpet, 2 Elephant Hawkmoth and a Dark Arches all new for the year, but the highlight was a Large Nutmeg new for the garden."
  • Adrian White from Winterton emailed: "A very good weekend up north! Yesterday the garden trap produced White-pinion Spotted, White Ermine, Light Arches, Gold Spot and a lifer in the form of Figure of Eighty. Today I had Spruce Carpet, Green Carpet, Lime-speck Pug, Middle-barred Minor, an unusual Dusky Brocade and Mullein, another lifer!"

Saturday 2nd June

  • Phil Bowler emailed: "The Small Heath is back in our garden at Amber Hill. When we first moved-in during 1997 it was quite common along the nearby lanes and dyke banks. However, since 2002 it rapidly declined with no further sightings until 2011-2014, and then only singletons."
  • Pete Burnett emailed: "Managed 60 moths in our Fiskerton garden last night and new for the year were Eyed Hawkmoth, Gold Spot and a Common Swift."
  • Steve Palmer emailed: "Non-stop action at Healing last night with four new species for the garden - Lime Hawkmoth, Broad-barred White, Sandy Carpet and Clouded-bordered Brindle."

Friday 1st June: First Large heath at Crowle Moor!

  • Phil Lee emailed: "First Large Heath of the year today at Crowle Moor North."
  • Mark Johnson emailed: "Took a stroll round Rimac today and had the following - 2 Green Hairstreak, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Common BlueCopper, 6 Wall, 25 Small Heath and 33 Common Blue. Day flying moths included, 6 Burnet Companion, 15 Silver Y and 1 Mother Shipton."
  • Steve Palmer from Healing emailed: "20 species in the trap last night and included two new for the garden, Cream-bordered Green Pea and Plum Tortrix. 
  • John Clarkson in response to above emailed: "Cream-bordered Green Pea was also new for my Louth garden yesterday and there were 10 of them!"
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Actinic Lamp over Skinner trap last night here at Marton produced 105 moths of 37 species including: 3 Elephant Hawkmoth, 3 Silver Y, Gold Spot, Burnished Brass, 2 Clouded Silver, Coxcomb Prominent, Middle-barred Minor, and Common Marbled Carpet. Micros included Cochylis atricapitana, Notocelia cynobatella and Cork Moth (new for me)."
  • Dave Wright reported: "At RSPB Tetney Marshes today with Chris Atkin and managed to find ten species of butterfly including: 1 Wall, 1 Brown Argus (our first for Tetney), 6 Large Skipper (our first of the year), 29 Common Blue, 11 Red Admiral and 3 Large Skippergroups of Small Tortoiseshell larvae. Also, 175 Silver Y moths were noted."

May 2018

Thursday 31st May: First Large Skippers of the year and a Lincolnshire first!

  • Phil Lee emailed: "Had my first Large Skipper of the year today on Langholme Lane, near Longholme Wood LWT nature reserve. This is the first time I've seen one around here in May. All my records are for June, although I did have one on 27th May 2015, but that was on Afton Down on the Isle of Wight!"
  • Andrew Kurch phoned: "Had my first Large Skippers of the year today in Grimsby, one along Peakes Lane and the other at Gooseman's Field."Royal Mantle
  • Martin Grey emailed: "Trapped a Lincolnshire first in my Broadholme garden - a Royal Mantle. Not on the radar this one!"
  • Linda and Alan Woodward emailed: "We had a walk around Goslings Corner Wood and also saw our first Large Skipper of the year. Also nice to see was a fresh Marsh Fritillary, but given how close the reserve actually is to Little Scrubbs (as the butterfly flies), probably not too surprising."
  • Toby Ludlow messaged: "Had my first Painted Lady of the year today in Coningsby."
  • Adrian White emailed: "Had a first for my garden in Winterton last night, a May Highflyer."

Wednesday 30th May

  • Nige Lound emailed: " Trapped in the East Dunes at Gib Point which resulted in 353 moths of 44 species. The bulk of the catch was 114 Treble Lines. The highlight was without doubt 2 Marsh Moth."
  • Adrian White from Winterton emailed: "Last night had a Poplar Hawkmoth and a near pristine Pine Hawkmoth in the trap, along with 21 Heart and Dart."

Bank Holiday Monday 28th MayBroad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth

  • Toby Ludlow emailed: "Well it's that time of year again, when I try and get a photograph of a moth, often failing to even get it in the frame, yet alone in focus! Persistence, or was it stupidity, finally paid off when I got a shot of a Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth at Little Scrubbs Meadow Extension. Still plenty of Marsh Fritillaries showing, including freshly emerged females and lots of courtship behaviour in evidence. Found 11 mating pairs and a freshly laid egg batch."
  • Graham Catley messaged: "Wall between Winteringham Haven and Whitton on Humber bank today."
  • Karen and Sarah Hand emailed: "We couldn't resist a Clouded Bufflittle trip out this afternoon to Kirkby Moor LWT nature reserve, but could only stay for an hour. The weather at home was misty and dull, but the sun was shining beautifully at Kirkby, away from the coast. It felt scorching hot on the exposed heathland in the sun. Saw a Glyphipterix fuscoviridella and quite a few Small Copper, but the highlight of the trip was a beautiful Clouded Buff female. An absolutely stunning moth!"
  • Steve Palmer messaged: "Best night of the year so far in my Healing garden produced 20 species, including Scalloped Hazel and Chocolate-tip, both new for the year, and Cinnabar, Clouded Silver and Scorched Wing, all new for the garden."
  • Phil Lee emailed in response to above: "Best night of the year for me too over here in Misterton, the temperature stayed up at 13 degrees C and I had 46 macros of 20 species including Large Nutmeg, which is new for me although expected."

Sunday 27th MayClay Triple-lines

  • Karen and Sarah Hand emailed: "Some decent species around again last night in the home trap at Addlethorpe. Best was a Clay Triple-lines, which we had only previously seen in Oxfordshire. We suspect this one was a migrant after all the migrant activity we had in the trap the previous night. Still quite a few Diamond Back Moth about last night, but only recorded a couple of Silver Y this time. Also had Gold Spot, Chocolate-tip, several Eyed Hawkmoth, Yellow-barred Brindle and another Dark Spectacle."
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "I led a LNU field meeting to Greetwell Hollow LWT nature reserve in Lincoln today. We noted nine butterfly species including a Green Hairstreak and good numbers of Brimstone, Common Blue and Small Heath. Cinnabars were frequent too."Small Heath
  • Paul Coombes emailed: "Spent the day walking in Twyford Wood, visiting both the Sanctuary and Glades reserves. 20+ Small Heath and 40+ Common Blue, were my 19th and 20th butterfly species of the year. Other species seen included 30+ Grizzled Skipper, 30+ Dingy Skipper, 4 Brown Argus and 2 Green Hairstreak. Also, 10+ Burnet Companion and many Pyrausta purpuralis."

Saturday 26th May

  • Chris Atkin messaged: "At Donna Nook NNR today and found 9 Small Heath, 6 Common Blue (both species new for the year) and 5 Wall, between Stonebridge and Pye's Hall."
  • Pete Burnett emailed: "Managed 30 in our Fiskerton garden last night, Treble Lines and a Setaceous Hebrew Character, both new for the year."
  • Karen and Sarah Hand from Addlethorpe emailed: "We emptied the moth traps early this morning and found a male Eyed Dark SpectacleHawkmoth and several new for the year including Dark Spectacle (4th for site), Setaceous Hebrew Character, Silver Ground Carpet, Buff Ermine, Common Swift, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Knotgrass, Green Carpet, Green Pug, Rustic Shoulder-knot and Poplar Hawkmoth (which is the only male buff form we've ever seen. The buff ones are often female). Also, there was clearly some good migrant activity going on as we got 41 Diamond-backed Moth, 32 Silver Y and a White Point (4th for site). We had planned on going to Chambers Farm Wood to see the Marsh Fritillaries and also do a bit of caterpillar sight-seeing. We did see quite a few fritillaries, but we were absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of caterpillars we saw, particularly on the oak. We found larvae of 25 species and a Coleophora ibipennella case - new for us. We also Lampronia luzellasaw the rare cranefly Tanyptera nigricornis, 2 Micropterix mansuetella and dozens of Micropterix calthella. However, possibly the highlight of the day was seeing a fresh looking Lampronia luzella. This is a new species for us and is the 6th Lincolnshire record."

Friday 25th May

Steve Healing messaged: "Not a bad haul in the trap this morning with several new for the year, including Rustic Shoulder-knot and Gold Spot."

Thursday 24th May: Marsh Fritillary update.

  • Dave Wright reported: "Visited Chambers Farm Wood early this afternoon to see the Marsh Fritillaries at Little Scrubbs Meadow and couldn't believe the spectacle in front of me, summed up perfectly by Toby in his post on Monday 21st May. However, I've received a late post from Pete Smith for Sunday 13th May which makes very interesting reading and serves as a prequel to all this current excitement.
  • Ian Armitage from Huddersfield emailed: "Maxed out on the Marsh Fritillaries at Little Scrubbs Meadow, so took a wander down to Minting Triangle to draw breath, only to find a male Marsh Fritillary getting into an argument with a Dingy Skipper there. It was joined by an other male fritillary which took over from the skipper and the two males had spiralling bouts of fisticuffs. On the way back to Fiveways two more fritillaries were heading down the track....."
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Found a Small Yellow Underwing moth on my patch at Trent Port, Small Yellow UnderwingMarton. A new moth locally for me."
  • Toby Ludlow emailed: " Had Mother Shipton, Marbled White Spot and a pretty little micro moth Lobesia reliquana at Moor Farm LWT nature reserve today."
  • Phil Bowler in response to Toby's query emailed: "I have seen 2 female Large Whites, but must admit to not many more males yet! A similar thing, but the other way round, is occurring here at Amber Hill with the Holly Blue and Speckled Wood. The latter is very low in numbers and all seen so far being female. Holly Blues are in better numbers, but every one so far has also been female! Something weird is afoot!"

Wednesday 23rd May: Large White mystery!

Toby Ludlow emailed: "I've probably seen in the region of 200 Large White this year, but they have all been males. Not one female! Anyone seen a female Large White this year?"

Tuesday 22nd May

  • Roger cope emailed: "Visiting from Manchester and several female Marsh Fritillaries evident early morning in Little Scrubbs Meadow, swelling to masses of both sexes later. Most were immaculate and beautifully marked with some variation of tones. Thank you for alerting me to this fabulous place!"
  • Andy Sims from Swanpool emailed: "Alder Moth and Maiden's Blush were new for the year this morning. The Alder Moth is only my second record, the first was on 23rd May last year."

Monday 21st May: Marsh Fritillary alert!Marsh Fritillary Pair

  • Toby Ludlow emailed: "You'd better sit down before you read this, which is exactly what I had to do in the middle of Little Scrubbs Meadow! After a record year last year, when I saw over 300 Marsh Fritillaries in one day, I thought that I would never see that many ever again. Boy was I wrong! Paid a visit to Chambers Farm Wood today and as I approached Little Scrubbs Meadow, I started seeing many Marsh Fritillaries along the track in Great Scrubbs Wood. Unusually, some were nectaring on Cow Parsley, while others were nectaring on Creeping Buttercup. All around the meadow, again unusually, many were up in the Hawthorns nectaring on the May blossom. In the meadow Marsh Fritillaries were everywhere, some Marsh Fritillaryflying in aggregations of 9, 10 and 11s, mainly combatant males. I met Phil there, who had circumnavigated the meadow and counted 172 and a further 102 around the extension. I carried out a systematic and methodical count throughout Little Scrubbs Meadow and the Extension and amassed totals of 647 and 358 respectively. There were a further 16 in the annex to the Extension as well. That's a grand total of 1021, if I've got my sums right! Among these totals were 4 mating pairs. Afterwards, I just had to sit down in the middle of the meadow and enjoy the spectacle."
  • Mark Radford emailed: "A small group of transect recorders from North Derbyshire (Jenny Hudson, Dave Wood, Colin Morris and myself), visited Twyford Wood looking for Spring butterflies, Grizzled Skipper in particular. We weren't disappointed! Weather was very warm at 24 degrees C under cloudless skies and a light Northerley breeze. 102 Grizzled Skipper (33 The Sanctuary, 27 The Glades, the rest on the runway edges), 87 Dingy Skipper, 44 Common Blue, 27 Small Heath, 13 Green Hairstreak (mostly egg-laying females on the ground), 5 Green-veined White, 4 Brimstone, 4 Orange Tip, 4 Speckled Wood, 3 Small Copper, 3 Large White, 2 Small White and a single Brown Argus."

Sunday 20th May

  • Toby Ludlow emailed: "First Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth of the year for me at Kirkby Moor LWT nature reserve today."
  • Andy Sims from Swanpool emailed: "Silver Y, Orange Footman, Elephant Hawkmoth, Poplar Hawkmoth and Peppered MothElephant Hawkmoth were all new for the year in my garden trap this morning. Biggest catch of the year so far with 42 moths of 13 species."
  • Martin Kew emailed: "I visited Chambers Farm Wood today and was delighted to see the number of Marsh Fritillary on the wing. The 'several' reported on Thursday had swelled to at least 100+. (I counted fifty in just a few minutes)."
  • Alan Dale emailed: "Something of a surprise to find a Chocolate-tip on my Low Hameringham conservatory window mid-morning on the 19th May. Even bigger surprise to find a second on the garage window on the night of the 20th! Must be the same one I thought. But no, there were subtle differences between the two. So, in the absence of strong prevailling winds, I reckon that the sallow Salix caprea in the garden or the willow by the ditch is probably host to a breeding community, well a breeding pair."

Saturday 19th May: Congratulations to "Crazy Moth Lady", Amalea Bellini. Amalea

  • Dave Wright reported: "Congratulations to Amalea for completing her sponsored walk from Rimac car park to Stonebridge car park via Pye's Hall, to raise money for the Lincolnshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation. Supported by several members of the local branch, 11 species of butterfly were noted along the way, the highlights being: 9 Wall (2 along the track near Paradise Pool and 7 between Stonebridge and Pye's Hall), 2 Brown Argus (near Ponderosa), Red Admiral, a single Common Blue and a total of 28 Green Hairsteak. Five species of moth were also seen and included 2 Latticed Heath and an influx of 74 Silver Y. A thoroughly enjoyable walk and all for a good cause!"
  • Nigel Bowler emailed: "At Little Scrubbs Meadow I saw 4 Dingy Skipper, where there were more than 60 Marsh Fritillary, at times so many that counting was difficult."
  • Graham Beckwith emailed: "Managed to get to Twyford Wood from Co Durham today with one of my colleagues Stephen Lowther. We visited 'The Sanctuary' reserve and the site didn't disappoint with the following butterflies: 30+ Grizzled Skipper, 17 Dingy Skipper, 4 Brown Argus, 3 Common Blue (all males), 9 Green Hairstreak,1 Small Copper, 2 Speckled Wood (1 in car park), 7 Orange Tip (all males),3 Large White and numerous other unidentified 'small' whites. Moths included: 1 Mother Shipton, 6 Burnet Companion, 2 Siver Y, 2 Common Carpet, 3 Cinnabar, 3 Pyrausta purpuralis and 1 Adela reaumurella. We then travelled to Chambers Farm Wood hoping for Marsh Fritillary and we were dumbfounded! The Marsh Fritillary were uncountable, but we reckoned as a best guesstimate 200+ in all three meadows. We've always seen Marsh Fritillary at Finglandrigg in Cumbria, but never have we seen so many! Also noted 1 Brimstone, 5 Dingy Skipper and 2 Orange Tip (both males). Moths included 1 Pyrausta aurata and a Small China Mark flying around the pond in the garden. We also saw a huge Hornet along the path just before reaching the meadows and 2 Glow Worm larvae crossing the same stretch of path. A great day out!"

Friday 18th MayWall

  • Chris Atkin messaged: "2 Wall today by the stile at Northcoates Point and 2 Cuckoo gorging themselves on Brown-tail larvae in the Sea Buckthorn along the outer sand dunes at RSPB Tetney Marshes."
  • Ian McGlynn emailed: "A Small Copper today on the bank of the Welland between Pinchbeck and Gosberton."
  • Dave Wright reported: "Had a very rewarding day out with Toby Ludlow today surveying four sites in the south of the county - Little Ponton Quarry, South Witham LWT Protected Roadside Verge, Castle Bytham Quarry and Willow Quarry, Castle Bytham. The first site produced nine species of butterfly including, Small Heath (our first for the year), Small Copper, 3 Green Hairstreak8 Commophila aeneanaGrizzled Skipper and 6 Dingy Skipper. At South Witham we caught up with a beautiful micro moth Commophila aeneana, the second record for the county, the first of which was found by Toby at the same site last year. This small reserve also produced a Silver Ground Carpet (first for the year), Green Carpet, Latticed Heath and 46 Burnet Companion. The butterfly highlight was undoubtedly 32 Common Blue (our first for the year). As with the first quarry, the last two also produced both skippers, with 29 Dingy Skipper and 4 Grizzled Skipper at Castle Bytham, and 24 Dingy Skipper and 8 Grizzled Skipper at Willow Quarry."
  • Mark Radford emailed: "The wife, daughter and I had a walk round Twyford Wood today, taking in the Sanctuary, the Glades and the runways, in full sun at 19 degrees C and very light breeze. We managed ten species, including our first Small Heath for 2018, and 80 Grizzled Skipper and 60 Dingy Skipper."

Thursday 17th May

  • Jill Hall emailed: "Several Marsh Fritillary at Chambers Farm Wood today."
  • Toby Ludlow emailed: "First Brown Argus of the year today at Moor Farm LWT nature reserve. Temperature was cool at 12 degrees C, so not the quantity of stuff flying. A few Small Copper also spotted."Brown Argus

Wednesday 16th May

  • Pete Burnett emailed: "21 moths in the garden last night and a nice Iron Prominent was new for the year,"
  • Chris Dobson emailed: "Did surprisingly well last night with fifteen species, seven of which were new for the year. The seven were: Shuttle-shaped Dart, Treble Lines, Chinese Character, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Eyed Hawkmoth, Seraphim and Least Black Arches. The latter is my first garden record for over five years."

Tuesday 15th May

Tony Burgess phoned: "I found 8 Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth today, feeding on a large patch of Red Campion at Dog Kennel Wood, near Market Rasen."

Monday 14th May

Richard Smith emailed: "A sunny afternoon and a very good count of 24 Grizzled Skipper along the old track at Barkston Junction near Grantham.

Sunday 13th MayMarsh Fritillary Pupa

Pete Smith emailed: Marsh Fritillaries in central Lincolnshire have been well behind schedule so far this year, but given good weather over the next week or so, they may be heading for a particularly good season. Larvae have been numerous this spring, and today I found more wild pupae than I have ever seen before! This is, I feel, a particularly attractive chrysalis, which in previous years I have struggled to find other than the odd one or two, usually located quite low in the vegetation. Today, several dozen were visible on the uppersides of the larval food plant, along with some that had chosen more discrete sites for their pupation."

Saturday 12th MaySmall Copper

Toby Ludlow emailed: "Had a brief excursion around Moor Farm LWT nature reserve today and disturbed a few moths in the process. Had my first Silver Y for 2018, along with a Mother Shipton and a Pyrausta despicata. Also, Small Copper out as well. Yesterday, on a trip to the south of the county, had well over a dozen Burnet Companion and my first Cinnabar of the year."

Thursday 10th May

Ian McGlynn reported: "At Castle Bytham today, 3 Grizzled Skipper and 2 Dingy Skipper."Grizzled Skipper

Wednesday 9th May

  • Paul Coombes emailed: "Paula Sykes and I saw our first ever Grizzled Skipper today at Twyford Wood, with a total of 5 at 'The Sanctuary' reserve."
  • Steve Palmer messaged: "Plenty of butterflies at Messingham Sand Quarry LWT nature reserve today, but a Wall was an unexpected find."

Tuesday 8th May

  • Paul Daubney emailed: "I was at Twyford Wood today and counted 8 Grizzled Skipper at 'The Sanctuary' reserve."Grizzled Skipper
  • Paul Coombes emailed: "Paula Sykes and myself saw our first Green Hairstreak at Donna Nook NNR today with a total of 15 between Stonebridge and Pye's Hall."
  • Chris Dobson from Langworth emailed: "Had three good garden species last night in the shape of Lunar Marbled Brown, Flame Carpet and 2 Chocolate-tip."

Bank Holiday Monday 7th May

  • Chris Dobson from Langworth emailed: "....I managed to get 2 Great Prominent in the garden last night, not major rarities but usually restricted to the nearby mature woodland."
  • Toby Ludlow from Coningsby emailed: "First hawkmoth of the year, a Poplar Hawkmoth in the garden trap last night."Poplar Hawkmoth
  • Rachel Scopes emailed from Horncastle: "I put the trap out last night and also had a Poplar Hawkmoth - under the final egg box!"
  • Pete Burnett from Fiskerton emailed: "Only six in our garden last night, but six different species and some decent ones - Mullein, Great Prominent and Frosted Green."
  • Pete Freeman emailed: "4 Grizzled Skipper at 'The Sanctuary' in Twyford Wood today."
  • Martin Kew emailed: "Visited Castle Bytham Quarry today and saw 1 Grizzled Skipper and 1 Green Hairstreak. Also, saw 4 Grizzled Skipper just down the road at Thunderbolt Pit."
  • Mark Johnson messaged: "Returned to Donna Nook NNR today and found at least 12 Green Hairstreak between Stonebridge and Pye's Hall."
  • Mark Radford emailed: "The wife and I had a stroll round Twyford Wood today looking for Grizzled Skipper. Found 5 in 'The Glades', none seen anywhere else, including 'The Sanctuary' and the runway edges."
  • Toby Ludlow emailed: "Saw a really fresh Emperor Moth at Kirkby Moor LWT nature reserve, which was surprisingEmperor Moth because they have been on the wing for weeks."

Sunday 6th May

  • Dave Wright reported: "Visited Doona Nook NNR this afternoon with Mark Johnson and found 3 Green Hairstreak, two halfway between Stonebridge and Pye's Hall, and the other just east of the car park." 
  • Richard Smith emailed: "At Gonerby this afternoon and saw 6 Grizzled Skipper, 3 Green Hairstreak, 2 Comma and 3 Orange Tip. Then, about a field away there was a Grizzled Skipper on a track at the side of the A1."

Saturday 5th May

  • Chris Dobson emailed from Langworth: "No great numbers, but in addition to the usual suspects, last night's garden catch included Mullein and Frosted Green, both good records for me."
  • Toby Ludlow messaged: "Plenty of butterflies in the garden at Coningsby today, a total of 9 species and included 5 Holly Blue."

Friday 4th May

  • Mark Johnson emailed: "Went down to Donna Nook NNR this afternoon and found 2 Green Hairstreak, 10 Peacock, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell and 2 Drinker larvae."
  • Dave Wright reported: "Lots of butterflies at RSPB Tetney Marshes today, but a Painted Lady on the outer sand dunes was an Grizzled Skipperunexpected find. Also, received an anonymous report of 2 Green Hairstreak and 3 Grizzled Skipper at Little Ponton Quarry."
  • Ian McGlynn emailed: "Had my first Speckled Wood of the year at Braceborough Great Wood."
  • Pete Burnett emailed: "Managed a dozen moths last night, here in our Fiskerton garden, but new for the year were singles of Pebble Prominent and Pale Prominent."

Thursday 3rd May

  • Dave Wright reported: "Two firsts for the year today at my local patch, Town's Holt in Grimsby - male Orange Tip and Speckled Wood. Also, flushed a fine Waved Umber from ivy, while working in the garden this afternoon"
  • Mark Johnson emailed: "Managed a quick walk around Snakeholme Pit at lunchtime and had a few butterflies, including 2 Orange Tip and 2 Comma, my first of the year. Also, just heard that the Green Hairstreaks have started to emerge at Donna Nook Green HairstreakNNR."
  • Cliff Morrison emailed from Theddlethorpe: "....could see what looked like a small butterfly through the window flitting in the bushes some 40 metres away, so I thought it had to be Green Hairstreak. When I went to see, there were 3 spiralling up together and whilst I was photographing them, my first Speckled Wood landed close by."

Tuesday 1st May

Dave Wright reported: "This morning walked part of the Pyewipe Line near Great Coates and had a good selection of Spring butterflies, the highlights being 3 Orange Tip, my first of the year, and 15 Green-veined White, including a pair mating."

April 2018

Sunday 29th April

Amalea Bellini reported: "Twenty-plume Moth found on one of the house windows at North Thoresby."

Thursday 26th AprilPurple Thorn

  • Richard Davidson emailed: "As it was nice weather I took a walk alongside the River Trent from North Clifton up as far as Dunham Bridge and back. North Clifton is actually in Nottinghamshire, but if you walk out of the village along the Trent Valley Way footpath and over the next field then you cross over into Lincolnshire. Although there were plenty of insects about, the only butterflies noted were a couple of Brimstone and Orange Tip, plus several Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Small White. The highlight though, was a newly emerged Purple Thorn moth which was sunning itself on a bush alongside the path."
  • Phil Bowler reported: "Even in cold, windy conditions I still managed to count 16 Green-veined White (mostly males) at Westgate Woods, Wyberton, near Boston. No Orange Tip though despite their abundance at Chambers Farm Wood the previous Thursday. What a difference a week makes weather wise!"
  • Steve Palmer from Healing messaged: "Had my first Large White of the year in the garden today."

Wednesday 25th AprilOt 250418

  • Lawrie Poole emailed: "First Orange Tip of the year in our garden at Thorpe on the Hill. With the temperature at some 12 degrees C, it stayed for a long time settling, not feeding, on some primula of a similar colouring."
  • Steve Palmer messaged: "First Orange Tip of the year on bluebell in my Healing garden."
  • Dave Wright reported from Grimsby: "Despite the cool and blustery conditions, a single Holly Blue made an appearance in the garden this afternoon."

Tuesday 24th AprilBrown-tail

Dave Wright reported: "Hundreds of Brown-tail larval webs along the outer sand dunes at RSPB Tetney Marshes today."

Monday 23rd April

Martin Gray emailed: "Trapped a Chamomile Shark in my Broadholme Garden, a new moth for me!"

Sunday 22nd April: First Painted Lady in Lincolnshire this year!

  • Dennis Tyler emailed: "Had a Painted Lady today at Eagle near Lincoln."
  • Toby Ludlow messaged: "Had a brace of Speckled Wood today at Kirkby Moor LWT nature reserve."
  • Andy Sims emailed: "Highlights from last night at Swanpool - 2 Lunar Marbled Brown, 1 Brindled Beauty and 1 Herald. The last two species were both new for the year."

Saturday 21st AprilEmperor

  • Karen and Sarah Hand emailed: "Had a few hours walking round Kirkby Moor LWT nature reserve. Not much to see early on, but once the sun came out we saw a couple of male Emperors, Acleris hyemana and the larva of Heath Rustic on the heather, and lots of larval cases of Coleophora laricella on a larch tree. Also spotted an Adder, Pine Ladybird, Heather Ladybird, Heather Shieldbug, dozens of Green Tiger Beetles, a Muntjac deer with a fawn and lots of Brimstone butterflies flying about."
  • Steve Palmer messaged: "Purple Thorn in the trap this morning, a new species for my garden in Healing."
  • Mark and Sally Johnson emailed: "Along with Mark Wainwright, trapped the Fiveways area of Chambers Farm Wood and caught 555 moths of 29 species, including 93 Lunar Marbled Brown, 56 Frosted Green, 2 Swallow Prominent, 1 Lesser Swallow Prominent, 1 Great Prominent, 1 Pammene giganteana and 6 Dyseriocrania subpurpurella."

Friday 20th AprilHolly Blue

  • Dave Wright reported: "Three 'firsts' for the year this morning and all in the garden - 1 Large White, 1 Green-veined White and 2 Holly Blue."
  • Ian McGlynn emailed: "Along Grantham Canal between Harlaxton and Grantham, at least 20 Orange Tip and 1 Holly Blue."
  • Steve Palmer from Healing messaged: "Seven species in the trap this morning, the highlights being 1 Herald and 1 Oak-tree Pug."
  • Chris Andrews emailed: "A trap at RSPB Frampton Marsh produced among others a Purple Thorn, Herald and Twin-spotted Quaker."
  • Mark and Sally Johnson emailed: "Trapped in the car park at Scotton Common LWT nature reserve and caught 14 species of moth, including 1 Water Carpet, 1 Streamer, 3 Lunar Marbled Brown and a fine female Emperor."

Thursday 19th April: Soaring temperatures and butterfly firsts!Small White

  • Toby Ludlow emailed: "Had four 'firsts' today on the 'White' front for 2018, which has taken my species total to 8 for the year. Had my first female Small White, my first mating pair of Small White, my first Green-veined White (male) and my first Large White (also male).
  • Dave Wright reported: "Five species of butterfly this morning at Cleethorpes Country Park, including 2 Small White."
  • Timothy Bagworth from Spalding emailed: "Finally caught some moths in my garden, 7 moths of 7 species, including a Blossom Underwing. There was also a Great Diving Beetle in the trap."
  • Freddy Johnson emailed: "Female Brimstone in my Bracebridge Heath garden today and a Holly Blue."
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Male Orange Tip in garden here at Marton this afternoon plus 2 Small White."
  • Linda and Alan Woodward from Lea, near Gainsborough emailed: "At last, our first Orange Tip sightings of the year - at least 2 males flying along the railway track at the bottom of the garden, as we were waiting for the Flying Scotsman to pass by! But an even bigger surprise, was a Holly Blue nectaring on heather. Also seen in the garden today were Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and Small White."
  • Pete Smith emailed: "Further sightings from Heighington today - got five yearly firsts in the form of Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip (two males fighting) and Holly Blue, all in my back garden in glorious spring weather! Great to see, amazing what a couple of days of warm weather can bring!
  • Phil Bowler reported: "On the hottest April day since 1949, I was trudging through Chambers Farm Wood and was very surprised to see only 1 Speckled Wood (most of the main areas covered, including dappled ones for this butterfly). Was equally (pleasantly) surprised to see no less than 7 male Orange Tip. Spring has finally come and brought summer with it! Also seen: 1 Orange Underwing moth at ground level, 8 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Comma, 13 Brimstone (8 male and 5 female) and 1 Green-veined White. Yesterday, I had a mating pair of Green-veined White in my butterfly garden at Amber Hill."
  • Cliff Morrison emailed: "My first Holly Blue of the year in my garden today."
  • Andy Sims emailed: "Highlights from last night at Swanpool were Lunar Marbled Brown- 1 Lunar Marbled Brown, 2 Streamer, 1 Water Carpet and 1 Purple Thorn."
  • Chris Dobson from Langworth emailed: "Had one or two decent records last night, nothing new for the garden but species I don't catch regularly - Waved Umber, Brindled Beauty, Pine Beauty and Streamer."
  • Phil Lee reported: "A few weeks ago I posted a record of Orange Underwing, seen at Crowle Moor. Rex johnson advised me of their rarer cousin the Light Orange Underwing, which is found at only a couple of places in Lincolnshire, one being Wickenby Wood. The books say that Light Orange Underwing flies a couple of weeks later, so I visited Wickenby Wood today where I managed to net a couple of Underwings. I attach both photos which show a Light Orange Underwing with its feathered antenna and Orange Underwing with its serrated antenna. The hindwing undersides confirm the id's. Note the Light Orange is more worn and the Orange almost mint contradicting what the books say. I suppose moths don't read books?" 
    LOU 190418ou 190418

Wednesday 18th April: Warmest day of the year!

  • Dave Wright reported: "Decided to walk in and around Louth today, on what turned out to be the warmest day of the year so far. Not surprisingly, lots of butterflies about including Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Brimstone. However, the highlight was my first Small White of the year at St Mary's Old Cemetery." 
  • Mark Johnson phoned: "Today at the Grimsby Crematorium I had 2 Small White, my first of the year."
  • Graeme Baker emailed: "Male Orange Tip seen patrolling drainage ditch at Harby Lane, Eagle, near Lincoln."

Tuesday 17th April

Ian McGlynn emailed: "My first Small White of the year at Braceborough Great Wood today."

Monday 16th AprilMarsh Fritillary Larvae

Pete Smith reported: "Marsh Fritillary larvae very much in evidence at Little Scrubs today - counted 79 in the original reserve, plus 35 in the reserve extension, all in small groups or as individuals. Mostly between 12mm and 18mm in length so nowhere near full grown yet."

Saturday 14th April

  • Alan Dale from Low Hameringham emailed: "Tawny Pinion - only the second specimen for the garden, the first being four years ago."
  • Mark Wainwright emailed: "Trapped main car park in Chambers Farm Wood. Clear and cold night so was pretty slow. Caught 139 moths of 16 species, including 2 Lead-coloured Drab and a single Frosted Green, the first of the year at this site."

Tuesday 10th April: First for Lincolnshire!

Dotted Chestnut (Stephen Howarth)Steven Howarth from Dyke, near Bourne emailed: "The moth records from my garden keep getting better. The latest session added two new species, Pale Pinion and Dotted Chestnut, the latter I believe is the first record for Lincolnshire. As a species which has been spreading northwards in recent years, its arrival was probably expected but I'm very happy to be the first to catch one. I guess it won't be long before other records follow."

Sunday 8th April

Cliff Morrison from Theddlethorpe emailed: "So many new species for me over just a few days, having never seen Red Chestnut or Shoulder Stripe and now topping 30 and 12 respectively. This morning, I had 128 moths of 14 species, including a Dark Sword-grass."

Saturday 7th AprilSatellite

  • Steve Palmer from Healing messaged: "A good moth haul in the trap, included a new species for the garden, Shoulder Stripe."
  • Brian Hedley emailed: "Moth trap (15w actinic) in garden at Marton produced 56 moths of 12 species, including Early Thorn, 2 Satellites, Twin-spotted Quaker, 2 Red Chestnut, Shoulder Stripe and Diurnea fagella."
  • Alan Dale from Low Hameringham emailed: "Another quiet night brightened up by Water Carpet and Diurnea fagella."
  • Karen and Sarah Hand emailed: "We put a trap out at a friend's house near woodland in Partney and had a reasonably goodLC Drab catch of 87 moths of 10 species, including March Moth, Dotted Border, Small Quaker and Lead-coloured Drab. The trap at home in Addlethorpe only produced 7 species of which the best was Twin-spotted Quaker."
  • Mark Wainwright emailed: "Trapped with Mark Johnson at the Fiveways area of Chambers Farm Wood and had a decent catch for a change, with some fairly extreme numbers caught and recorded. Was nice to see the Pine Beauty, which I make to be about three weeks late. Using several traps we caught over a 1000 moths of 28 species, including 663 Small Quaker, 298 Common Quaker, 59 Diurnea fagella, 16 Engrailed, 29 Oak Beauty, 59 Clouded Drab, 21 Twin-spotted Quaker, 25 Chestnut and 15 Pine Beauty."

Friday 6th April

Steve Palmer from Healing called: "Trap in garden overnight for the first time this year produced six moths of two species - 3 Hebrew Character and 3 Common Quaker."

Thursday 5th April

  • Mark Johnson emailed: "I'm off at last - 4 Small Tortoiseshell in the yard at work in North Somercotes."
  • Ian McGlynn reported from the south of the county: "5 Comma and 2 Brimstone at Braceborough Great Wood."

Tuesday 3rd April: Temperatures rising at last!

  • Dave Wright reported: "First Red Admiral of the year in my Grimsby garden this morning, during a brief sunny spell."
  • Dick Lorand messaged: "Red Admiral just passed over my garden on the Humberston Fitties."
  • Stephen Howarth from Dyke, near Bourne emailed: "Since moving to Lincolnshire, I've run the trap quite a few times with mixed success. I've already caught thirteen species, including two which I never had at my previous address in Warwickshire - Yellow Horned and last night Red Chestnut. The latter was one of seven species, the best haul so far, and also included Common Quaker, Small Quaker, Clouded Drab, Hebrew Character, Oak Beauty and Twin-spotted Quaker."
  • Karen and Sarah Hand reported: "The two remaining Small Eggars have emerged this afternoon. We plan to release them tomorrow afternoon/evening where the larvae were found near Lincoln." (Please see 2017 Sightings Archive dated 3rd June) "We have also had a Green Arches emerge today from overwintering larvae. Unfortunately, they didn't really stop feeding over winter and have emerged a couple of months before they should have. At least it's nice to add a splash of colour to the early season mothing."

SE 030418GA 030418


March 2018

Good Friday 30th March

Adrian White reported: "2 Orange Underwing moths flying in brief sunny spells at Linwood Warren LWT nature reserve this afternoon."

Thursday 29th March

Dave Wright recorded: "With the prospect of decent weather this morning, I decided to visit my local patch in Grimsby taking in Town's Holt and Freshney Bog. I managed to see a total of 28 butterflies, but of only 2 species - 22 Small Tortoiseshell and 6 Comma."

Wednesday 28th March: A very early Early Thorn!

Phil Lee from Misterton writes: "I suppose like others my garden is really taking some time to get going with moths. This morning there was a solitary Clouded Drab, 1 Common Plume and the earliest Early Thorn I've ever had by just one day. Roll on warmer weather."

Monday 26th March: Garden butterflies.

  • Nige Lound messaged: "Brimstone in my Skegness garden this afternoon."
  • Steve Palmer messaged: "My first Comma of the year in my Healing garden."

Sunday 25th March: A Brimstone day!

  • Peter Burnett emailed: "First Brimstone of the year in and around our Fiskerton garden."
  • Rachel Scopes writes: I saw a couple of Small Tortoiseshells, a Small White and a Brimstone in my Horncastle Garden - the first butterflies of the year for me. Lovely warm afternoon!"
  • Alan Dale emailed: "It was definitely a Brimstone day - I too had one do a fly through on a westerly heading in my Low Hameringham garden."
  • Toby Ludlow messaged from the Woodhall Spa/Kirkby Moor area: "Cracking day here, 11 degrees C and my tally for the year is now 22 and 4 species - Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Peacock. Oh, and got an Orange Underwing as well."
  • Freddy Johnson recorded: "A male Brimstone and a Small Tortoiseshell in the sun in my Bracebridge Heath garden."
  • Simon Johnson emailed: "I saw my first two butterflies of the year in my Donington (Spalding) garden today - a Brimstone and a Comma."

Saturday 24th March

  • Pete Burnett from Fiskerton emailed: "Pottering around the garden this afternoon and found a Pale Pinion, a garden first, sat on some garden furniture near the site of last night's trapping."
  • Mark and Sally Johnson emailed from North Somercotes: "Fourteen moths last night - 5 Hebrew Character, 1 Red Chestnut, 1 Satellite, 4 Clouded Drab and 3 Common Quaker."
  • Martin Gray commented: "Better conditions last night in Broadholme with over 100 moths recorded, including Clouded Drab, Small Quaker, Common Quaker, Shoulder Stripe, Oak Beauty, Grey Shoulder-knot, Yellow Horned and Dark Chestnut."
  • Chris Dobson in response to above emailed: "Can't match your totals Martin, but did manage nearly twenty moths from my Langworth garden, including Hebrew Character, Clouded Drab, Common Quaker, Small Quaker, Oak Beauty and Shoulder Stripe."

Thursday 22nd March

Phil Lee emailed: "The warm sunshine brought out at least 20 Orange Underwing moths at the old Crowle Moor North car park this afternoon."

Wednesday 21st March: "Up and running!"

Dave Wright reported: "Up and running at last, with 2 Small Tortoiseshell along the field margin, bordering the Wybers Wood Estate in Grimsby. Nearby, another 2 in Town's Holt and a single in Freshney Bog."

Thursday 15th March

Alan Dale emailed: "A rare visitor here at Low Hameringham, an overwintered Grey Shoulder-knot, in remarkably good condition after the recent snow and frost. It showed up at a lighted window around 19.00 hrs this evening."

Wednesday 14th March: Two Peacock firsts.

  • Geoff Beasley messaged: "My first butterfly of the year, a Peacock at Far Ings NNR."
  • Steve Palmer called from Healing: "Peacock in the garden, my first butterfly of the year."

Sunday 11th March

Mark and Sally Johnson emailed: "Five moths in the trap this morning - 2 Chestnut, 1 Satellite, 1 Dotted Border and a Pale Brindled Beauty, which is new for our garden in North Somercotes."

Saturday 10th March

Brian Hedley reported: "Moth trap (actinic lamp) in garden here at Marton, produced 7 moths of 5 species comprising 3 Oak Beauty, Dotted Border, Clouded Drab, Common Quaker and Agonopterix alstromeriana."

Wednesday 7th March

  • Andy Sims wrote: "Despite the frost, a Dotted Border was in my trap this morning."
  • Timothy Bagworth emailed: "Just found my first butterfly of 2018, a Small Tortoiseshell in my garden here in Spalding."

Tuesday 6th March

Andy Sims from Swanpool emailed: "Relatively mild night last night, so I put my trap out with the following result - 1 Hebrew Character."

February 2018

Tuesday 20th February

Andy Sims emailed from Swanpool: "A male March Moth was my only catch last night."

Monday 19th February: A milder night in Swanpool.

  • Andy Sims wrote: "A milder night and 4 moths in trap this morning - 3 Common Quaker and 1 Hebrew Character."
  • Adrian White emailed: "At last up and running, well limping really. A wet but mild night with 1 Satellite (white form)."

Sunday 18th February: "Welcome to Lincolnshire!"

  • Stephen Howarth emailed: "I am new to Lincolnshire, living in Dyke, near Bourne, but a regular moth trapper, mainly in my garden and occasionally elsewhere. The trap's first outing since we moved, produced three species to get the garden list off to a good start - Pale Brindled Beauty, Chestnut and an early Common Quaker. Also, had a couple of Agonopterix heracliana at the light by our front door on the same night."
  • Cliff Morrison emailed from Theddlethorpe: "Over the last couple of nights, with a slight frost on 17th and a tropical 2 degrees C tonight, I've had 10 March Moth, 3 Spotted Umber, 2 Pale Brindled Beauty, 1 Dark Chestnut and 1 Hebrew Character."

Sunday 11th February

Cliff Morrison reported from his Theddlethorpe garden: "Despite the frosts and strong winds, I had 1 Chestnut and 1 Early Moth."

January 2018

Sunday 28th January: The first butterfly of the year?

  • Jonathan Bye emailed: "A sunny afternoon in my Sutton St James garden, was made even better by the sight of my first butterfly of the year - a male Brimstone fluttering around ivy in the hedge."
  • Andy Sims from Swanpool emailed: "Just one moth last night, an Eary Moth."

Saturday 27th January

Brian Hedley from Marton emailed: "Trap in garden overnight produced 4 moths of three species - 2 Pale Brindled Beauty, an early Hebrew Character and a Brown House Moth."

Tuesday 23rd January: First mothing session.

Phil Lee emailed: "With the weather feeling a little milder, I took the MV light into Langholme Wood LWT nature reserve for a couple of hours  and was rewarded with 3 Winter Moth, 1 Chestnut, 9 Pale Brindled Beauty, 1 Dotted Border, 2 Satellite (white and orange forms), 5 Spring Usher and the micro moth Tortricodes alternella."

Friday 12th January: The first moth.

Andy Sims emailed: "Caught my first moth of the year last night at Swanpool, a Mottled Umber."