Shropshire adopts the Silver-studded Blue

Shropshire Tourism, the tourist marketing organisation for the county, has a new company logo and it's a Silver-studded Blue butterfly.

This nationally scarce butterfly can be found at the Butterfly Conservation nature reserve at Prees Heath, near Whitchurch in North Shropshire - its last safe-haven in the region.

Claire Jones, Senior Marketing Officer at Shropshire Tourism said, "The Shropshire Tourism team spent quite some time debating what logo could best reflect the rural nature of our destination and at the same time be suitably eye-catching.

"We were looking for something memorable that would mean something to Shropshire. We all agreed that the rare Silver-studded Blue butterfly with its Shropshire connection would be perfect! Naturally Shropshire Tourism is also very pleased to help raise the profile of the Silver-studded Blue."

Stephen Lewis, warden for the Prees Heath site said: "I am delighted to see the Silver-studded Blue, a nationally threatened species given this kind of profile, and hope that it leads to more people visiting Prees Heath Common Reserve to see the butterflies."