Archers' Lynda Snell sights Brown Hairstreak

The current storyline in BBC Radio Four's The Archersfeatures Lynda Snell discovering a rare Brown Hairstreak butterfly.

She's sighted it in the Memorial Gardens in Ambridge, which she has been helping tidy up.

Female Brown Hairsteaks descend from tree canopies at this time of year to the hedgerows to lay their eggs on blackthorn.

Brown Hairstreak numbers have been in serious decline in recent years, not least because of over-zealous hedgerow cutting by farmers.

However, conservation work and increasing awareness of their plight may be helping to change their fortunes. A recent survey of the Grafton Wood Reserve, jointly owned by Butterfly Conservation and Worcestershire Wildlife Trust (close to the fictional Archers county of Borsetshire) noted an increase in Brown Hairstreak numbers.