Habitat Management In Alun Valley

Habitat Management In Alun Valley
Sunday 7th January 2018: 9am
Alun Valley

Habitat management in Alun Valley

This is a pop-in work party, so you can arrive any time between 8.30am and 10.15am. Location: Heol y Stepsau just before the ford. From Ewenny village shop, take the "back road" (up steep hill) towards Wick, bearing right at first junction of minor roads, then pass the clay shoot entrance and as you descend the hill, there's a cottage on the right where you turn right. Proceed down to ford, then park wherever you can and take right hand path once over wooden fence on right before the ford.

NB There is no mobile reception in the valley, so check with Richard Smith beforehand on 0797 781 1404 if still unsure of directions.

Contact: Richard Smith (07977 811404 ) or <rgsoverton@gmail.com>.