Highlands Rogart, East Sutherland

Highlands Rogart, East Sutherland
Grid Ref NC742012 OS map 16 (Lairg & Loch Shin)

Target Species: Annulet and Scotch Annulet in particular as well as Nothern Rustic and possibly The Confused, Rustic/Uncertain and Lime-speck Pug. There should also be a chance to look for Northern Brown Argus and Grayling and maybe visit other butterfly sites in the area.

Time: 10.00 am

Meeting place: East Kinnauld quarry, Rogart. Parking should be available. Grid Ref NC742012 OS map 16 (Lairg & Loch Shin).

Description: A quarry site in East Sutherland where both Annulet and Scotch Annulet were found in 2012 together with a number of other interesting species. It is also a site with Northern Brown Argus and Grayling at this time of year.

Approx duration: The moth trapping part of the event will maybe take an hour or two but for those interested in exploring some of the butterfly sites in the area it can extend well into the afternoon - if it is a sunny day!

What’s needed: The usual range of clothing and footwear to cope with the vagaries of the Highland climate and a packed lunch if you plan staying for the afternoon.

Leader name: Tony Mainwood

Leader contact details: Tel: 01408 633247. E-mail: tony.mainwood@btinternet.com