Yorkshire Shipley Station Meadow Open Day

Yorkshire Shipley Station Meadow Open Day
Saturday 14th June 2014, 1.00pm-4.00pm
Shipley Station Meadow

Field visit to Shipley Station Meadow
Event Contact:
 Susan Stead on  01274 774912

This tiny meadow is in the heart of Shipley train station, between platforms 2, 5 and the car park. It is a short walk from Shipley town centre. The meadow is an area of herb-rich grassland which remained after construction of the car park. Protected by fencing and maintained by annual mowing in the autumn, it supports the larval food plants of many characteristic grassland butterflies and moths. Even this small urban habitat is being colonised by new species, such as Ringlet and Speckled Wood, which are extending their ranges northwards. Females of the Common Blue here show the stronger blue colouration that is typical of the species in the northern parts of the UK. The meadow flora includes sallow, hawthorn, birch, ash, buckthorn, bramble, rosebay willowherb, stinging nettle, bird's-foot trefoil, cowslip, knapweed and various grasses.