Northern Ireland - International Pollinator Pow-wow

Northern Ireland - International Pollinator Pow-wow
Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th August 2014, 9.30am-4.30pm
Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Craigavon

An opportunity for anyone interested in pollinators to come together tonetwork, discuss and plan for the future.

Wednesday 27th August

Introduction to different pollinator groups and ways to get recordingTalks on; Honeybees, Bumblebees, Solitary Bees, Hoverflies, Butterfliesand Moths, Pollinating Beetles and Ants, plus information on the differentrecording schemes currently running and how you can get involved.

Thursday 28th August

Pollinator projects and discussions on a future strategy for pollinatorsPresentations on various case studies including URBAN Bees, PollinatorIdylls, Biodiversity Bench-marking for businesses, Education and Outreach,Road Verge projects and most importantly, the chance to have your say on how we conserve and promote pollinators into the future.

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Registration Essential

To book your place and for further information, please contact the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre (0044) 28 3832 2205 or complete the booking form.