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High Brown FritillaryWelcome to the Devon Branch of Butterfly Conservation.

If you live in the region and are a member of Butterfly Conservation you automatically become a member of the Devon branch.

Devon has around 39 resident butterfly species and we can help point you in the right direction on where and when is best to see them.

Slow start to the 2018 butterfly season

A Happy Easter to all those who regularily check out this web site to see what butterflies our members are seeing now on our Latest Sightings page.  We know many of you have been dismayed by the lack of information posted during Feb & Mar and apologies for this omission of information.  We had been asked to stop online posting as a full Butterfy Conservation web site upgrade is due - but as this is running very late (a bit like spring) we are now going to restart our First Sightings information on the Latest Sightings page. 

Despite the current cold weather, butterflies are beginning to emerge and (at 30/3/18) 6 species have been seen - including one spring butterfly (Small White) and all five overwintering butterflies (Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma & Brimstone).  Hopefully Speckled Wood, Orange Tips and more white speices will joine then soon! You can see how First Sightings are going in the whole of the UK at BC's First Butterfly Sightings of 2018 page.  If you use Twitter follow us on @BCDevon where will will share details of many local sightings.  Hopefully we will also get back to sharing many more of your ongoing sightings on our Latest Sightings  page soon - so please don't stop sending in your photos and dates of sightings.

Looking forwards we also hope you will join us on one of our Spring/Summer events - see the Events listings below for more details.  Please check this page BEFORE you attend as we will try to make sure any changes/cancellations are updated as soon as they are know - best advice is to also contact the leader of the event to make sure all is going ahead as planned.

We ain to send an email each month to all our branch members with updates about Events coming up during the month.  You can see our latest email on our Members' page together with other useful information for members.  


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Conservation Projects in Devon

Pearl-bordered FritillaryThe ‘All the Moor Butterflies’ project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), will help to restore and create habitat for the Pearl-bordered Fritillary, High Brown Fritillary, Heath Fritillary and Marsh Fritillary on some of the UK’s most famous moorland landscapes, including Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor.

Other species set to benefit included the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and the Narrow-bordered bee Hawk-moth.

Want to help? Why not take a look at some of the other Branch events taking place across Devon to help butterflies and moths.

All the Moor Butterflies newsletters & survey results

May 17 edition - including details of how to volunteer to help survey butterflies and also updates on all the ATMB events.

Sept 17 edition - including details of how fritillary surveys have gone this year and news of how you can help on winter conservation days.

2017 ATMB Survey results

You can follow Simon Phelps on Twitter at @SimonATMB_BC.  Simon is a Conservation Officer for Butterfly Conservation @savebutterflies and is one of the project officers on ATMB.

Latest Sightings

BrimstoneHave you seen a butterfly? Take a look at our Latest Sightings page to find out what you can see at this time of year and what species were seen each month last year!

Branch Newsletters

BC Devon - Summer Events 2018

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BC Devon Summer Events 2018 - printed Jan 18 - Events information may be updated, please check the Events listing on this In Your Area web page for the latest details.

Key Sites To See Species

Devon BCFind out more about some of our main butterfly species and the best sites to see them in Devon!