Butterfly Alert No 3

Clouded Yellow

Butterfly Alert No 3

Hi all - no new species have been reported in Norfolk - but reports from elsewhere suggest a very early spring - these haven't made the BC first sightings page yet.:

Grizzled Skipper Shoreham West Sussex  on 2nd April and Nottinghamshire on the 9th - there's a chance they may be already flying here in Norfolk .
Wall Brown emerged Cornwall on April 8th - along with several Clouded Yellow! So I'd expect them in Norfolk next week.
North Stoke, Sussex (near Amberley) has produced sightings of at least two Large Tortoiseshell so far this year and bug alert reports Duke of Burgundy flying in Hants and Pearl-bordered Fritillary in  Devon

This time of the year is perfect for spotting Elm, as it's in flower at the moment - ideal to pick your spots for White-letter later in the year.
I now have reports of Green Hairstreak from four sites and it seems to be having a good year.

Currently reported for Norfolk are: Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, 
Brimstone, Orangetip, Holly Blue, Small Copper, Green Hairstreak, Painted 
Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral. Peacock, Comma and  Speckled Wood

Large Red damselflies are flying in Norfolk, with Hairy Dragonfly expected 
There's been a Vagrant Emperor at Portland bird observatory recently and 
three reported from Cornwall - with 10,000+ reported Southern Sahara in 
March, we may get more.
Downy Emerald now flying in Gloucestershire

As usual all reports gratefully received.
Andy B