Butterfly Alert No 6

Hello and welcome to alert number 6

And the big news is that the first Swallowtail has been reported today from Potter Heigham (10 days earlier than last year)

Also reported since the last report are Brown Argus and Wall

Next up Common Blue? (If it's not already flying)  Then it's the browns and the golden skippers - within a fortnight if the weather holds I think

The first BC Field trip will be Sunday 14th May at the cut-off channel, then 
Middle Harling Heath on May 23 and Beeston Common 17th June
Wheatfen Open day June 11th, Catfield open day 18th June

Other events of interest
Orchid walk at New Buckenham Common 13th May
Wild Flower walk at Ashwellthorpe lower wood, NWT  21st May
There's a Bioblitz at Train Wood, Norwich on May 27th
and one at Rosary Cemetary, Norwich on June 10th

Early Purple and Green-winged Orchids are now flowering in Norfolk as are Twayblade - (Wayland and Ashwellthorpe for Early Purple, New Buckenham for Green-winged and Earlham wood, UEA for Twayblade)

Currently reported for Norfolk are: Swallowtail, Dingy and Grizzled Skipper, Large, Small and 
Green-veined Whites, Brimstone, Orangetip, Holly Blue, Small Copper, Green Hairstreak, Brown Argus, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral. Peacock, Comma , Speckled Wood, Wall and 
Small Heath

Large Red, Variable, Azure and Common Blue damselflies are flying in Norfolk, along with Hairy Dragonfly and Four-spotted Chaser and Banded Demoiselle.
Chequered Skipper is flying in Argyll and Wood White in Northamptonshire, and there's a Vagrant Emperor in Dorset


As usual all reports gratefully received.
 Andy B