Winterton Dunes 3 August 17 Field Trip Report

Butterfly Conservation Walk, Winterton 3-8-17.

Once again our final trip of the year was to the delightful area of sand dunes at Winterton.

There were nine of us braving the gale force winds, but at least the wind was from the south west and not coming off the sea. It was a bright, sunny day but even down among the dunes the wind was noticeable. Nevertheless we found thirteen of the twenty species that have been recorded at this site.

The graylings were not as numerous as previous occasions, but they were e good number and they were flying short distances in spite of the wind. We also saw common blue, small heath, wall, meadow brown, ringlet and small copper.

A nice finale to our programme for this year with many thanks to all those who have supported us.

Winterton Dunes 3Aug17 Braving the Gale Winterton Dunes 3Aug17 Common Blue Male Winterton Dunes 3Aug17 Common Blue Female Winterton Dunes 3Aug17 Grayling /files/winterton-dunes-3aug17-small-copper.jpeg