Amalea's Crazy Moth Lady Walk

Amalea completed her walk. 
She started at Rimac, walked to Pyes Hall and then back to Stone Bridge car park at Donna Nook.

 ABSW 190518We have still got some donations to come in so she will have raisedABP 190518 over £500.  She has also asked that at her birthday party, people donate rather than buy presents so a little extra will hopefully come in June.  Thanks to Uncle Mark, Dave and Steve for coming along with us too.  And we even saw Green Hairstreaks,  which she hadn’t seen before.

I am walking 10 miles for Butterfly Conservation because I love butterflies and moths

Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies andMoth Lady moths.Butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our environment. They connect us to nature and contribute to our wellbeing. Butterfly Conservation improves landscapes for butterflies and moths, creating a better environment for us all.

 I am hoping to raise some money for the Lincolnshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation as I love butterflies and have become a little bit crazy for moths.  Butterfly and moth numbers are in decline and I want to do a little bit to help to protect them in my local area.


Amalea’s walk will start at Rimac Car Park on Saturday, 19th May 2018 at 9.00am, going along the coast to Pye’s Hall and returning to Stonebridge Car Park to conclude.
If anyone would like to join us at any point please could you let Mark know on 07932 352350.
Many thanks,
Mark and Sally


This is my link if you would like to donate:

Thank you