Lancashire: Open Moth Night - Ainsdale Discovery Centre

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Lancashire: Open Moth Night - Ainsdale Discovery Centre
Sunday 15th October 2017, 9.30pm-0.00am
Ainsdale, Merseyside

With suitable weather Richard will be running two or three MV moth traps here.

Interested individuals can book a place either as spectators, or, if they have a trap and generator of their own, are welcome to bring their equipment.

Nearer the date Richard will confirm the event, place and time with those who show their interest by getting in contact with him by email. Give telephone number please.

If the weather is poor this event could be cancelled. However Richard will be running other nights at this and other places mentioned plus Freshfield Dune Heath throughout this year. These will happen when time allows and weather conditions are good. If you are interested and wish to come at short notice, please get in touch via email (giving telephone number please) and Richard will endeavour to contact you.  




  • Richard Walker