Volunteering To Help The Large Blue

Volunteering To Help The Large Blue
Monday 2nd June to Sunday 13th July 2014
Collard Hill, Somerset

Volunteering at Collard Hill for the Large Blue Butterfly

Volunteers are needed at the National Trust site Collard Hill during the Large Blue flight season (from the 2nd June – 13th July)

The site gets a high number of visitors through the Large Blue flight season with people visiting to see the Large Blue butterfly. Volunteers are needed to talk to visitors, monitor the Butterfly, answer questions, conduct surveys on the Large Blue and help visitors  see the Large Blue. 

There will be a full time volunteer warden on site during this period as well, but extra volunteers are needed to ensure the site is covered.

You can volunteer for as many or as little days as you wish, if you are interested in volunteering you may find the Large Blue Training day useful: (http://butterfly-conservation.org/244-5869/large-blue--butterfly-training-day.html)

Contact and Further Questions:

If you have further questions or are interested in volunteering please contact Hayley Dorrington (hayley.dorrington@nationaltrust.org.uk or 01934 844518) and let her know your availability. 

Alternatively click on this link: http://doodle.com/wx8taazuhf6wvk44. This link will take you to a website with an online rota, you can just tick the days when you are free and able to help and Hayley will be able to complete a volunteering rota from this.

For more information on the Large Blue at Collard Hill please visit the National Trust Large Blue Blog (http://ntlargeblue.wordpress.com/).