Saving the High Brown Fritillary

High brown fritillary

Habitat loss, changes in land management and climate change have taken a devastating toll on the crticically endangered High Brown Fritillary, but could conservation efforts save the UK's most threatend butterfly from extinction?

Writing in leading environment magazine British Wildlife, Butterfly Conservation staff have detailed the demise of the High Brown Fritially from its status as a once widespread butterfly to a species now teetering on the brink.

Readers are taken to the last handul of sites where the butterfly can still be found: Dartmoor, Exmoor, the Glamorgan Brackenlands, the Morecambe Bay Limestones and South Cumbria Low Fells.

The fate of the butterfly on these sites is charted as well as Butterfly Conservation's efforts to halt the High Brown Fritillary's rapid decline.

The article examines how landcsape scale conservation, habitat management and working with landowners could provide the key to protecting this butterfly into the future.

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