Silver Y moth

Magnificent Moths

The Winter Moth is one of the few species that can flutter through frosty nights. But several other moths have special abilities which according to Richard Fox makes them far superior to butterflies.

Marsh Frit

Median Farm - For Marsh Frillitary and Dormice

Median Farm was a site earmarked for development but thanks to Natural Resources Wales we have been able to rescue the land and start restoring vital habitat for Marsh Fritillary butterflies.

Wall butterfly

Has Warming Weather Wrong-footed The Wall?

The dramatic decline of the Wall, previously a common species across England and Wales, is one of the biggest butterfly mysteries of the last forty years. Now, scientists in Belgium think they might have the answer.


Christmas Surprises

The survival of some species of butterfly and moth may depend on their ability to remain dormant, sheltered and out-of-sight throughout the winter months. But they may need a bit of help to find a decent hiding place.


What To See In November: Butterfly Bounty

Richard Fox, Butterfly Conservation's Surveys Manager, talks about the unusually mild autumn and how it has allowed many butterflies to continue their flight periods or prolong their stay in Britain...

Attenborough counting butterflies

Brilliant Big Butterfly Counts

All our Big Butterfly Counters are champions for butterflies and moths but some stand out for going the extra mile in this summer's Count.

Dog Rose

Dig It – November Tips from the Secret Gardener

Gardens can act as important stepping stones between nature reserves and other natural habitat by offering abundant supplies of nectar for butterflies and moths. So, what about hedges...

Burnet and Large White

Supporting The New Nature And Wellbeing Act

Chief executive of Butterfly Conservation, Dr Martin Warren, discusses why a new Nature Act is essential to securing our future as well as our precious wildlife.

Katie Cruickshanks 2

FBI Butterfly Agent!

Meet our new Conservation Officer for the Farmland Butterfly Initiative, Katie Cruickshanks.

Oleander Hawkmoth

Warm, Wet, Windy and Weird

Autumn can be one of the most exciting times of the year for nature lovers, migration is in full swing and wild, unpredictable weather can deposit rare species in the most unusual of places.

White Admiral

Amazing Autumn Appearances

No matter how long you have been interested in butterflies and moths, they always retain the ability to surprise us.

iRecord Butterflies app

iRecord Butterflies In Autumn

Big Butterfly Count may be over but butterflies are still flying. If you enjoyed watching butterflies this summer, why not download our free iRecord Butterflies app and carry on counting?

Small Tortoiseshell on Rudbeckia

Dig It – August Tips from the Secret Gardener

You might struggle to find space in your garden for any more plants at this time of year but squeezing in a couple of containers with plants to provide late summer nectar is worthwhile.

Attenborough counting butterflies

Biggest Butterfly Count

Will butterflies lapse back into decline this summer or push on to even greater numbers?

Peacock Butterfly

Get Out For The Count

2014 is shaping up to be a bumper year for butterflies. How many can you spot during this year's Big Butterfly Count?

Cinnabar list

Tales From The Trap - June 2014

Half-way through 2014 Les Hill takes stock and looks at what we’ve had in the Butterfly Conservation moth trap so far this year.