High brown fritillary

Nature Check

The government is failing to deliver a third of its commitments to protect the natural environment


Big Butterfly Count in the Garden

Whatever the biological links between our flower beds and borders and the success of local butterflies, it is undoubtedly true that gardens are very important for the relationship between people and butterflies.

Peacock Butterfly

Wild About Gardens Week

Gardeners across Britain are uniting in an effort to halt the decline of UK wildlife during a week-long event.

Deaths-head Hawk-moth

Meet The Death’s-head Hawk-moth

The Death’s-head Hawk-moth is the bad boy of the moth world. Strikingly large, with a skull-like marking on its thorax and the ability to squeak when alarmed, the moth was traditionally seen as an omen of death.


Be Tick Aware!

Most ticks are little more than an irritation, but a few can transmit Lyme disease. It is therefore important to be informed and take some simple precautions.

Belted Beauty male - Roy Leverton

Save The Belted Beauty

Butterfly Conservation is supporting a campaign to help save one of the UK’s rarest moths in one of its remaining strongholds.

RSPB Reserves

RSPB's Best Butterfly Reserves

The RSPB love butterflies, and butterflies love their reserves! Find out which are the best for your Big Butterfly Count.

Garden Tiger

Look Out For: Tigers

Tigers are arguably our most striking and charismatic moths with beautiful patterns and fascinating life styles.

Peacock Butterfly

Dig It : Sit In The Sun

August is the month for sitting back in the garden and enjoying the bright colours as the bees and butterflies explore the nectar-rich flower borders.

David A

Attenborough - "Get Out For The Count"

Butterfly Conservation President Sir David Attenborough is urging all wildlife lovers to help take the pulse of UK nature by taking part in the Big Butterfly Count this summer.

Blues mating

Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s spring at last, butterflies are emerging and love is in the air. Butterfly lifecycles are neatly divided when it comes to the important things in life - Richard Fox explains.


Ask Your MP To Stand Up For Moths

You can help moths by asking your local MP to sign up to an early day motion which calls on the Government to take urgent action to save our dwindling moth populations.


Dig It - May tips from the Secret Gardener

Nettles are important foodplants for the caterpillars of several butterflies and moths. They have also been grown in herb gardens for centuries and can provide many benefits for people too.

Sussex Emerald

Airport Extension Threatens Rare Moths

The Government’s decision to give the go-ahead for the expansion of Lydd Airport in the area is one of those decisions that leaves us aghast and dismayed.

Meadow Brown

Shifting Butterfly Baselines

So the results are out. 2012 was the worst year for butterflies in the UK since detailed national population monitoring began in 1976.