Blues mating

Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s spring at last, butterflies are emerging and love is in the air. Butterfly lifecycles are neatly divided when it comes to the important things in life - Richard Fox explains.


Ask Your MP To Stand Up For Moths

You can help moths by asking your local MP to sign up to an early day motion which calls on the Government to take urgent action to save our dwindling moth populations.


Dig It - May tips from the Secret Gardener

Nettles are important foodplants for the caterpillars of several butterflies and moths. They have also been grown in herb gardens for centuries and can provide many benefits for people too.

Sussex Emerald

Airport Extension Threatens Rare Moths

The Government’s decision to give the go-ahead for the expansion of Lydd Airport in the area is one of those decisions that leaves us aghast and dismayed.

Meadow Brown

Shifting Butterfly Baselines

So the results are out. 2012 was the worst year for butterflies in the UK since detailed national population monitoring began in 1976.

Orange Tip

Emerging from Winter

We British are very interested in the weather. It’s a national obsession, and nowhere more so than among Britain’s butterfly and moth enthusiasts.


Conservation Car Crash Coming?

Since the 1950s, the UK has developed a world leading system of conserving its natural heritage. But these hard won gains are now being steadily eroded in the rush to save money and deregulate.


Tales From The Trap - January 2013 Week 3

With a mix of rain, wind, snow and frost not a moth has dared enter the BC Towers Moth Trap this week, so instead Les Hill explains why recording moths is more important than ever... when they do arrive!


You Say Butterfly, I Say Moth

‘What is the difference between butterflies and moths?’ - Richard Fox, Surveys Manager tackles this often asked question.

Blackbirds - RSPB

RSPB Guest Blog - Big Garden Birdwatch

With snow on the ground there is not a butterfly in sight - but there are still plenty of birds! Join the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch and count how many.

Hawk Moth

Tales From The Trap - January 2013 Week 2

The first 2013 report from Les Hill, Senior Data Manager, National Moth Recording Scheme and Dorset County Macro-moth Recorder reports from the BC Towers Moth Trap.


Heating and Hibernation

Richard Fox, Butterfly Conservation Surveys Manager explains butterfly and moth "hibernation"


Migration Memories

Richard Fox, Butterfly Conservation Surveys Manager reminisces...