Red Admiral

Admiral Armada

The Red Admiral has had an exceptionally good year, possibly its best ever.

Big Butterfly Count Logo

Keep On Counting

Despite some dodgy weather, this summer’s Big Butterfly Count is going really well. Take part this weekend and help us make it the biggest ever!


Vital Volunteers

This week is Volunteers’ Week, the annual celebration of the positive difference that volunteers make to many aspects of life across the UK, day-in day-out, throughout the year.

Red Admiral

Glum in the garden

If you had the feeling that there weren’t many butterflies on the wing last summer then the results of one of Butterfly Conservation’s major surveys will bear out your suspicions.

Comma underwing

Look Out For: Comma Butterflies

At last, butterflies are starting to emerge in numbers after the winter and, on a fine April day, you stand a good chance of spotting a Comma butterfly.

On set with Winterwatch

Performing Peacocks

The depths of winter are typically a quiet time for butterflies and moths but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing of interest going on in the world of Lepidoptera.

Small Tortoiseshell on Heather

Dig it – November's tips from the Secret Gardener

Heather is an attractive, evergreen shrub that can bring colour to your garden all year-round. It's also a useful nectar source for butterflies and moths and the foodplant of several caterpillars.

December moth

Look out for: moths in November

Butterflies are tucked away for winter or have emigrated to warmer climes, but for some moths the year is just getting started.