Regional Action Plans

On Monday, 26th June, 2000, the Minister of Environment RT Hon. Michael Meacher MP and Sir David Attenborough launched Regional Action for Threatened Butterflies and Moths, and action to save threatened butterflies and moths from extinction took a major step forward in England.

Butterfly Conservation's President Sir David Attenborough and the Minister, Michael Meacher, are backing a campaign to save these colourful creatures which are sensitive indicators of the health of our countryside.

Butterfly Conservation, one of Britain's leading wildlife groups, and English Nature revealed the plan of action for butterflies and moths. The action plans are effectively blueprints for survival and will help us tackle the problems in a systematic way.

The plans demonstrate how volunteers can become involved in the conservation of their local area. These plans must surely be one of the best examples of the positive vision we all need to work for if England is to have a future rich in wildlife.

Each Regional Action Plan lists the top priority butterfly species requiring special conservation effort in the area. These are summarised with examples of on going and planned actions.